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Room Service at Hotel Thompson


Room service at the Hotel Thompson is really a great and wonderful luxury for this little piggy. When you go to fine hotel, most of the time you get turn down service and a mint on your pillow. Not here at the Hotel Thompson. It’s even better than that!

I have a schedule that I like to stick to and I try to get in bed by 9:00 every night. I need my beauty sleep and a structured schedule works really well for me. I called for room service to be delivered around 9:10 – this gives me plenty of time to do my business and brush my teeth.

Room service arrives and it’s a party in my tummy. Instead of a mint on my pillow, I get one of the most delicious treats in the entire world. Tonight I ordered my favorite, bananas and eggs. It may not sound like a great combination but to me it’s like steak and caviar. Mmm – yummo!

After my snack, room service (AKA mom) stays to tuck me in and read me a story. Hey, I’m set in my ways. I’ve grown accustomed to this at the Hotel Thompson. Snort chuckles.


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