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Dear Bacon – Hiding Special

Dear Bacon – The dog – he’s so pesky here at my house.  He is always following me around, sniffing at me and touching me with his doggy cooties.  I’ve found the perfect spot to hide from him.  He can’t find me – honestly.  This must be like the invisibility cloak or something.  He just whimpers around looking… silly dog.  Signed You Can’t See Me

Dear You Can’t See Me – What?  I don’t see you in the picture my friend.  It has to be the perfect hiding spot.  And I agree with you about the dog things.  They can be pesky.  I have one here too.  I’ll have to remember your invisibility cloak and see if that can work for me.  Oh my goodness – if it does – you are a God!  Take it easy my friend.

Dear Bacon – Believe it or not but I stood here in the corner of mom’s bedroom like this for almost an hour while she was ‘looking’ for me.  I thought it was hilarious.  She even brought out the treats but I stood still just to see what kind of detective she is.  Trust me.  She is not Agatha Christie.  Meows.  Gotta run now so she doesn’t discover my ‘new’ spot of hiding in the open.  Signed HA Meow

Dear HA Meow – I have to give this to you my friend.  You cats are like the best in hiding – you are silent stalkers.  I could just see you standing in that corner and then swiping out at your mom and her jumping on the ceiling.  WOW – to have that kind of power.  I bow at you.  I really do.

Dear Bacon – Sometimes the best defense is an open defense.  Sometimes humans are always wanting to ‘look’ for you but they never really ‘look’ in the open.  Do you follow me pig?  Sometimes if one just sits quietly enough you are overlooked.  When you are overlooked then your eyes are opened to your surroundings.  Does that make sense?  Trust me on this.  So the next time it’s kind of wild there at the Hotel Thompson, sit back, be quiet and still and watch ever so gently at others.  You’ll learn a lot of things.  Signed Confucius

Dear Confucius – Deal.  I followed you completed on that my friend.  I shall do just the same and see what enlightening I partake.  Thanks for the awesome advice.

Dear Bacon – Sometimes a girl just needs a little lace in her life to make her feel so pretty.  What better way than a curtain, right?  If you don’t think it makes you feel pretty, maybe you should try it and see.  I won’t tell.  Signed See No Evil

Dear See No Evil – Okay – but don’t tell anyone.  I will try this tonight when everyone is asleep.  You do kind of look pretty…. for a purr thing.


Dear Bacon – The perfect hiding spot – under the bed.  You can’t see me.  My head is hidden.  This means that the humans will *never* find me.  Signed Hiding Tail

Dear Hiding Tail – I hate to tell you this my friend but I can see that tail of yours.  You do realize what that means, right?  If I can see your tail, you are not hiding – snorts with piggy laughter.  Happy better hiding place.



REMEMBER FRIENDS – Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU!  Please continue to send me your letters and pictures to my email.  Thanks!




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Paw Time with Houdini

BARKS my friends!  Hope you are all having a wonderful week – it’s finally Friday!!  You know what that means?  Mommy will be home and us anipals all get extra loving and snuggles – YAY!  So let’s get caught up this week.

I went to the groomer last Saturday for my monthly trim and bubble bath.  I love it there!  It’s such an awesome place.  Mom/dad drop me off and I never look back at them – that’s how much fun it is.  They run their errands and come back for me when the shop calls.  This time though – I got busted.  I was chatting with a cute little miniature poodle – she was smaller than me – we were nose to nose when mom came in and saw me.  Fi-fi’s mom came in at the same time with my mom.  They were talking and laughing at us.  I think mom is going to set up a play date for us.  She was cute!

Mom’s DIEt is still going – she’s lost a couple of more pounds.  She’s having a rough time trying to balance her DIEt and life in general.  What can I say?  Mommy is a busy woman but she needs to learn to slow down and smell the roses if you know what I mean.

And don’t forget about mine and Bacon’s Journal that you can find here – there’s also a link on the side of our blog.  That’s where me and Bacon talk about some behind the scenes actions of what takes place here at the Hotel Thompson.  It’s kind of cool and we would love for you to check it out and let us know what you think.

And this week, I have found the *perfect* hiding place here at the Hotel Thompson.  I dragged my toys and blanket over and went to sleep on the bottom shelf of the book shelf in the front room near the fireplace.  Mom couldn’t find me – laughs.  I could hear her calling me and walking around looking for me.  That’s when Bacon snapped these pictures giving me away – darn pig!









Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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