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Fall Will Be Here Soon


I don’t go outside by choice but I can tell that the weather is preparing to change. Just like my internal clock tells me when it’s time to eat, I know it’s time for the season to change.

This past weekend I did something that I haven’t done since last year at this time. It kind of shocked me as well as my parents. You ask what did I do? I snuggled with dad. Mom is always my snuggle mate but when the weather changes I’ll take whoever is available. He was there. He was it.

See when the weather changes and the cool air starts moving in, I start my little ‘hibernation’ mode.  Yeah, I’m like a little bear until spring gets here again.  I eat.  I sleep.  I do my business.  I snuggle.  Repeat.  I don’t do much running around during this period.  I well, for a better explanation, fatten up a bit.  I become a big ole snuggle pig.  When I smell the spring flowers start to bloom, I come alive again and start running around the house. 

I like to call myself my parents calendar.  They can tell what’s fixing to happen with the way I act.  I still can’t read the humans but I’m trying 🙂


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