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Oh Bacon you little pig – when are you going to learn to log off of your computer when you *finally* go to sleep?  You know if you stay signed on, something like this will happen.  I will Hemi-Jack your blog for my own personal reasons – purr.

For a pig, you do take a lot of naps.  You do realize that, right?  I mean I’m a cat, the master cat, of the Hotel Thompson and I do take lots of ‘cat’ naps throughout the day.  But you my friend, top me in your ‘pig’ naps.  I bet you didn’t know that I walked right into your room, jumped on your bed with you and licked you a couple of hours ago.  Shocker – you taste nothing like real bacon.  I know real bacon.  You my friend are an imposter in the purest of forms.

Just to let you know, I kept the mommy warm for you.  Insert evil purr for you.  She’s not just *your* mommy.  She’s ALL of our mommy.  With such, know that she is shareable.  Just to give you some proof of the love she gave me, I had her take a couple of pictures for your amusement proof.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I think they are some of my favorites 🙂



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