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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon – What’s happening pig?  So like here is the problem dude.  I think like I’m a happening cat.  I got the moves like Jagger.  I wear my hoodie.  My parents still want to treat me like a kitty – what’s up with that? Signed Rap Cat

Dear Rap Cat – Slow your roll purr thing.  You are still a babe.  You’re not a member of the group Stray Cats.

I’m not sure if you been told this but you are pussy cat, not a rap cat.  I hate to be the bearer of the bad news.

Quit trying to go all jive in front of your parents.  Save the rap when they go to bed at night.  I bet they would love to hear that in the middle of the night.

Dear Bacon – I have a small problem.  As  you can see, my parents think I’m their personal marshmallow holder.  I can’t help that my fur is thorny.  What am I to do? – Signed Thorny

Dear Thorny – Give me a minute to pick myself up from off the floor.  I’m sorry dude.  That’s the funniest picture I’ve seen in some time.  You’re parents are really original.  I know it may seem like a pain in your side – HA – but go with it.  They can rent you out to parties and such – you can make money and save for your retirement.  I say go with it and make the best out of it little guy.

Dear Bacon – Finally I have proof with this picture!  When I get in trouble, my parents put me in a corner and point their fingers at me.  What’s a kitty to do? Signed – Hands Up in the Air

Dear Hands Up in the Air – Take your hands down from the air.  Use those paws that you have and swat those fingers.  They won’t be putting baby in the corner anymore.


Dear Bacon – I’ve read your blogs.  You talk about bed head.  Come on pig – look at this picture.  I think I have you down on bed head.  Signed – Bed Head Extraordinaire

Dear Bed Head – You got me.  Now please go shower and fix yourself up.  You’re scaring the viewers.


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Rocky’s Nut Brunch

 Welcome my friends to another edition of Rocky’s Nut Brunch.  This week I want to talk about national animals.  Specifically what is the national animal of Scotland.  I bet you don’t know.  Am I right?   I did some research on this and you will be surprised to know that the national animal of Scotland is – a Unicorn.  Really it is.  You can google it.  Because you know it’s on the web.  Are you wondering why the Unicorn is their national animal?

“Well since the 12th century, a unicorn has been a Scottish heraldic symbol when it was used on an early form of the Scottish coat of arms by William I.”

Strange but interesting tidbit of information, right?  But let’s not stop there.  There are other strange national animals.  The komodo dragon is the national animal for Indonesia.  The phoenix is the national animal for Greece.  Monaco has three national animals – the hedgehog, the rabbit and the wood mouse.



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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon –  I’ve watched your blog over the past couple of months and decided to give it a whirl.  This is some hard work that you do!  Where do you find the time?  I have less time chasing the mailman, cat and UPS guy from the house.  I have less time making pee mails on the floor.  I have less time sleeping.  And heck by the time I do sleep, my paws hurt from typing all day.  How do you do it little pig?  Signed Blogger in Training

Dear Blogger in Training – Time Management my friend.  Once you get involved in blogville, you have to make sure your calendar and scheduling is set.  You see being a pig, I *have* to have a schedule.  My life is scheduled.  If I get off schedule, I get really bent out of shape.  So, organization my friend.  You can do this!  Just schedule your blogging time into your calendar and stick with it – you know in between doing the other things you love like chasing the mailman and protecting the hood.  You got this!

Dear Bacon – I can’t help it!  I get so excited when I see that yellow looking greenish ball.  JOY!!  I can describe it in words.  I just go crazy.  All I can think is, “Ball-ball-gotta get the ball-ball”.  My owners just don’t get it.  That ball is totally cool beans and I have to have it!  Signed Ball Chaser

Dear Ball Chaser – You know my friend there is nothing wrong with having something that you love.  I mean, if it’s a ball so what!  It could always be something worse that your humans would have to worry about.  I say have fun and keep chasing – oh is that a ball there?!

Dear Bacon – I’ve been reading about your mom’s journey with friends in her attempt at trying to change her lifestyle and do better.  I have some encouragement for her.  “Go girl – you can do this!”  That’s right.  This little hedgehog has more than looks – let me be her cheerleader.  She has this.  And you know what?  So does all of her friends on your blog.  They got this!!  Signed Number One Hog

Dear Number One Hog – Thanks pal.  That is so nice of you and a great picture of you cheering mom and all of her friends right along.  You rock!  Thanks for the encouragement and you know what?

You keep rocking and rolling yourself our sweet new friend!

Dear Bacon – Dude, I just had to send you our family picture.  OMD!  My two brothers got into the biggest trouble the other week.  One encouraged the other to shall we say devour one of mom’s heels.  You know those heels – the ones moms wear to work.  It was not a pretty vision when mom came home and found her beautiful heel gutted with strands of it from the front room to the bedroom.  Well mom made them wear signs and take their picture.  I told her I wanted to wear a sign too – with a special to you Bacon my idol!  Whatcha think?  Signed Bacon Jr

Dear Bacon Jr – OMP.  I am honored and so touched my little friend that you wanted to do a shout out to me.  I say in this instance, YOU ROCK my little friend.  Now keep your brothers out of your mom’s shoes.  Those shoes with the heels are sacred to moms ❤

Remember my friends – Dear Bacon can’t happen without *you*.  Please remember to email me your letters and pictures ❤



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Dear Bacon

   Dear Bacon –  There I was taking one of my many power naps and this insistent knocking kept going on at my front door.  I was not amused because I was dreaming.  And I just happened to be at the best part where I was fixing to get that disgusting little mouse that wears two white gloves.  I went to the door and the intruders were walking away.  I’m off now to create a sign for the door, “Do not bother… unless you have mice”.  Signed Jerry

Dear Jerry – Gulps.  You were dreaming of getting the mouse that wears the two white gloves?  Oh no… I think I’ll keep your letter away from my mom.  She kind of likes him… a LOT.  But yes I do get the meaning of your letter’s bottom line.  Why do people come to the house uninvited?  It irritates me too.  But I think you handled it well.  With that look, I would never come to your house again without calling first.

Dear Bacon –  I’m so tired!  It’s all I can do to hold my head and body up.  I don’t want to take a nap – I may miss something then!  So I positioned myself on the couch so I could still hear and see everything – especially the television – but yet be comfortable so I didn’t have to hold myself up.  What do you think?  Do I look comfy?  Oh by the way, could you pass my a biscuit?  Signed Kanga

Dear Kanga – I do say so my friend that you look absolutely comfy and what an genius way to position yourself so that you don’t a miss a thing.  I myself know what the feeling is like when you are so tired but you gotta stay awake.  Who knows when food might make an appearance and you definitely don’t want to miss out on that… or the gossip about the poodle next door.  I’m just saying.  You relax a bit.  I’ll get you a couple of biscuits.  Anything else?  Water?  Tea?

Dear Bacon –  Let me introduce you to a new service here in the anipal world my friend.  The humans have Uber and we have Duber.  You call us and arrange a pick up and we will get you to your destination.  Just look at this little guy.  He partied WAY too hard tonight and called for a pick up so he wouldn’t get a DUI (Doggy Under the Influence) charge on him.  I picked him up, strapped him in and now we are headed to his home.  See, that’s an awesome service.  What do you think?  Signed Duber Driver

Dear Duber Driver – I think you may have something my friend.  I love this!  The humans aren’t the only ones that have moments of genius.  I think you need to get this trademarked STAT.  Just think of the money you can make – the biscuits and treats you can buy.  Hey, do you have a president of your company?  I think I have just the hooves for that position in marketing your new business.

Dear Bacon –  There I was minding my own business when your daddy came over and visited me.  I was like, “Jimmy, I got two people ahead of me before we can talk.”  I think he might of been upset with the wait.  I’m not sure – I really can’t see into the humans souls like I use to.  But he waited for me and after my other friends left, we had a nice discussion about life and the insurances it doesn’t bring.  Don’t worry, we didn’t talk about ya’ll one teeny tiny bit.  Nope, not at all.  It was purely business.  Signed Grandma

Dear Grandma – WOW?  Daddy actually left the Hotel Thompson to visit with you huh?  I didn’t think he had that in him.  And don’t worry.  The man never gets upset.  Not at all.  He looks forward to talking to anyone.  In fact, door to door salesmen don’t even come to our house anymore.  They got tired of their ears being talked off by daddy.  What can I say?  He’s here and he’s a very friendly kind of guy.

Dear Bacon –  Come closer Bacon – I’ll tell you a little secret.  Sometimes I like standing in front of the mirror and looking at myself. Sometimes I even talk to myself.  Why?  Well, it’s lonely being a little hedgehog.  Looking in the mirror makes it look like I have a friend that I can share secrets with that will never tell anyone else.  See, it’s special.  Do you ever do this?  Signed Hilde the Hedgehog

Dear Hilde the Hedgehog – I think that’s beautiful my friend.  You make your own company and you are so right about secrets.  No way is that ‘other’ hedgehog going to tell anyone.  I think it’s sweet and very creative of you to come up with this plan.  I need to find me a mirror somewhere in the Hotel Thompson.  But then again, what if my mirror shows me I’m fat?  Shocker!

REMEMBER  my friends, Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please continue to email me your letters and pictures ❤ 


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