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Weekend Entertainment – Mom’s in the Pictures For a Change – YAY!


Friends, meet mom – YAY!  I know a lot of people ask about her and what she looks like.  It takes a special woman to have me… and to put up with me – snort. 

We did a LOT of mommy/piggy bonding this weekend.  My Aunt Tina came home for a visit from Louisiana and she came down to see me.  She took these wonderful pictures of me and mommy.  Mom takes all of my pictures and it’s kind of hard to get her in the picture when she’s taking the picture.  Know what I mean?  Well, Aunt Tina took these pictures during her visit. 

Mom was talking to me in this picture.  I was so intently listening because you know, she’s my mom and everything.  I was so into this conversation that the next picture will absolutely blow your mind. 

20121231-083244.jpgSee, I you that it would blow your mind.  I walked over and kissed mom with my snout.  See, I love my mommy.  And, this is a great picture of me and my short little body.  Great picture huh?  I thought it was one of those special Hallmark card kind of pictures.  So touching.  So loving.  A pig and his adopted mom – snort.

You do realize that there has to be a story behind this picture, right?  I’m not that easy.  I can be trained and I did learn a new trick this date that took me only about ten minutes.  You’re asking what the trick was.  Of course, to kiss mommy.  And how was I trained to kiss mommy?  Smile – this is going to make you laugh and smile.  Are you ready for it?



After a couple of attempts of doing this, exactly who was training who?  I was getting fed by mommy so who was tricking who.  Mom would put carrots in her mouth and lean over.  I would walk over and gently take them out of her mouth.  Yep, gently take them out of her mouth.  She is my mom.  I have to treat her special like.

After about 8 or 10 times of doing this, I caught on – wink wink.  I really caught on after the first time but with free food out like that I’m going to take whatever I can take – snort. 

See, I told you my kind was very smart.  We catch on like you wouldn’t believe.  And as you can see from these pictures, I’m not really that big.

Hogs and Kisses – Bacon

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