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Shopping Fun with Mom and Dad

You have to admit my friends that there is *never* a dull moment with my humans.  This is another grocery store adventure with those two.  I think I need to start writing a book on them!

So there they were in the store shopping.  One of mom’s favorite things in the entire world is a little ice cream in the evenings – preferably Haagen-Dazs. She usually buys the little individual tubs and splits it into two nights.  That way she doesn’t feel like she is over doing it.  Don’t you just love the way humans think?

So there they were – mom and dad on the ice cream aisle.  Dad starts laughing and says, “Hey honey, I’ll get your ice cream”.  Nice gesture but mom just knows something is up with that ever so kindness.  Then he hands her the tub on the left and says, “Will this hold you a couple of nights?”  Really daddy?  I have to snort on that because it is funny.  Mommy took a picture in comparison of how big the tub daddy found was.  Heck, I think personally I would give it a try.  Would you?



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