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Good Day Shout Out

20120612-094538.jpgSome people still ask me how I start my day.  I start my day by being the best little piglet in the world and waking mom up for work at 6:30AM sharp during the week (I let her sleep in until 8:00AM on the weekends – snort).  In nature, a piglet will ‘call’ for his mom when he gets hungry.  I consider my adopted mom my mother so I ‘call’ her for food.  There’s nothing like waking up early in the morning to your very own screaming alarm clock for breakfast… at least that’s what she tells me.

Mom feeds me breakfast in my favorite piggy plate <<see picture upper right hand corner.  I usually eat a mix of piggy pellets and cheerios – have to be heart smart.  A lot of people already know this much but I bet you didn’t know this.

While me and mom eat, we watch television.  Even after I finish eating and we have early morning snuggle time, we still watch television.  Not any news show, we only watch the best, Good Day Atlanta.  I’ve watched nothing else in the morning time for the past 9 months except this news show.  It’s the only one I know.  I feel like I know all of the Good Day team personally.  And yes, I watch television.

The day starts out with Gurvir Dhindsa and Karen Graham who brings me the news from all over.  They really let me know what’s going on out there and what my mom should watch out for.  These two ladies are awesome together.  They make me snort and they’re a great way to start the morning!  I know I’m only a piglet but hubba hubba to these two gorgeous anchors.

Then there’s Joanne Feldman – she’s a beauty queen with smarts.  She’s a meterologist.  That was a hard word for me to say but mom explained it to me.  She let’s me know if the rainy stuff is going to fall from the sky and when I need to go into hibernation.  She’s so tiny – she’s like me – a miniature – snort.

And I saved the best woman in the morning for last – Cheryl White.  She’s the best traffic anchor there is.  She shows these really neat maps showing all kinds of flashy lights and traffic congestion.  I don’t know much about traffic congestion, I just like all the flashy things 🙂  Her voice is so soothing – just like moms.  And, she shows these really cool flower pictures on her facebook page.  I think I’m in love.

And then the guy of the morning – Buck Lanford.  He *really* keeps me on my hooves.  His vast vocabulary keeps me hopping like a rabbit.  You should see my dictionary.  There’s actually slobber and hoove marks on several pages looking up some of his words.  I’ve caught mom using some of them too.  We can all learn from this guy.  Hooves up my man!

So, now you know.  This is how I start my morning.  With my Good Day Team, my peeps.  They get everyone up and going!


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