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Dear Bacon

 Dear Bacon – Really!?  Have you ever had one of those mornings?  There I was in the bathroom drinking out of my personal fountain when my pops got out of the shower.  Oh have mercy.  I threw my arms in the air like I just didn’t care and told him that I gave.  I mean really.  Should anyone be unfortunate to see their humans getting out of the wet shower… naked.  I think I may need psychiatric help for years after this.  I really thought he was trying to hold me up.  Shaking my purr head.  Signed Hands Up Among Other Things


Dear Hands Up Among Other Things – Thank you my friend.  Now I among all of my faithful readers will now be in psychiatric help right there along with you.  Once has been read can now not be unread and we will all have this visions in our mind.  Thanks for sharing my friend.  I hope therapy helps for all of us – snorts.


  Dear Bacon – Batcat lives.  My shadow says everything.  I am the real Batcat.  Be afraid.  Signed Batcat

Dear Batman – Well there you go then my friend.  The shadow never lies.  You are most definitely Batcat for sure.  Now be very still in that position.  I would hate to see you lose one of your lives since well you know since you are Batcat.


Dear Bacon – Day 3 and the pooches have no clue of my secretive undercover mission here.  I tell you my friend – I have the power!  I get to hear everything that they talk about.  It’s not as exciting as what I thought.  Meows.  Signed Purr Thing on the Downlow

Dear Purr Thing on the Downlow – WOW.  Really they don’t have interesting conversations?  You haven’t heard anything exciting.  Tell us.  What do dogs really think about all day.  You can tell us. It’s about licking themselves isn’t it?  Snorts with piggy laughter.

Dear Bacon – Help me.  If this picture doesn’t scream HELP – how many other ways can I say that?  What human in their right mind would ever think this was awesome or fun for us?  Really?  Tell me the advertising for this contraption didn’t have those words.  Because I’ll tell you something Bacon – it’s not fun.  It’s not awesome.  It’s confining.  It’s hot.  I think I will pee all over my human in disgust.  What say you?  Signed Pussy in a Bubble

Dear Pussy in a Bubble – I’m sitting here just shaking my head my friend.  What moron came up with this idea?  Squeeze a purr thing in a book bag?  Really?  You look like you are counting the ways of getting even.  I kind of agree with peeing all over your human.  Let’s see how water proof that bag is right now.  Betcha he wouldn’t do that again.  Let me know if he does though… oh my!


Dear Bacon – Look pig – even though I’m a dog I have to make my statement.  I’m not just an ordinary Yorkshire Terrier.  I’m much more than that.  I have personality.  I have to make my mark in today’s world.  What better way than having a creative hairstyle.  Hey, humans do it all of the time.  Why can’t us anipals?  Explain that to me huh.  What do you think.  Too Goth?  Not enough Goth?  Should I paint my nails black as well?  Signed Goth In Training

Dear Goth In Training – Let me tell you my friend.  I am impressed and slightly jealous.  I love your look. It gives you style.  It makes you stand out.  It gives you the umph that you need to say, “Hey, I am my own dog.”  I love it and think the little guy here Houdini needs to pay attention to this letter and make a stand for himself.  And yes why not to black nails.  I say you live once, live it to the fullest!


REMEMBER my friends, Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please remember to send me your pictures and letters to my email address.  ♥


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