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One of My Favorite Foods

Sometimes I don’t even have to tell you what one of my favorites foods are.  I’m just going to show you this picture to see if you can guess.  It’s true – you can’t just eat one.   Mommy buys them for me in the economical HUGE sized box.

Can you guess what it is – snorts?


Hogs and Snout Kisses –




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Yummy Gold Fish

Mom likes to play this little game with me with my Gold F20120813-084603.jpgish.  She likes to ‘hide’ them in my play blanket for me to root around and find them.  I like the Gold Fish.  No, that’s wrong.  I LOVE the Gold Fish.  I don’t care what kind they are.  I don’t care what color they are.  They are simply delicious!  So you can see in this picture to the right where I found some.  She forgets how many she hides so I have to use my blood hound nose to track them down.  Don’t you love those little cheese morsels?  The crunch of them is such a delight. 

She even played with them a little bit this weekend and wrote this message.  Can you read it?  I thought it was funny.  I wanted all of them but she said no.  I could have a few at a time.  Something about I might get a tummy ache eating too many of them at one time. 

I’ll tell you a secret if you promise not to laugh.  Promise?  Sometimes when mom gives me my bath, she will throw a bunch of them in my water for me to eat.  I know she’s trying to keep me busy while she gives me a bath but I don’t care.  They are that good. 

Happy Monday my friends ((HOGS AND KISSES))


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I ❤ Gold Fish

A couple of weeks ago, mom bought bought me a baby box of gold fish to try. They were really tasty. She would give me some every time I was in the kitchen with her. She also used them for training snacks. I fell in love hard with them.

When mom went to the store this week, I asked for some more. Was I surprised when she came home with this nearly 2 pound box!



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