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Dear Bacon

20131113-093216.jpg Dear Bacon,

Leash training.  Well, it sucks.  I can’t go too far without the human deciding that I shouldn’t be that far.  A pig has to have his freedom!  That’s what I say.  What about you?  Signed Gotta Run

Dear Gotta Run,

Poor little guy.  Mommy *tried* to leash train me.  Let’s just say that I wasn’t a leash kind of pig either.  I’m sure with more practice, I would have adjusted but she didn’t have the will power – snorts.  Look on the other hand my little friend, they are just trying to watch after your safety.  Consider it a gesture of love. 🙂


20131113-093238.jpgDear Bacon,

HA!  This will make you think twice about stomping in that puddle outside again won’t it?  I just had to share.  You never know where my kind might jump out at you.  Consider us like clowns.  We’ll make you laugh but we are scary as heck to look at sometimes.  Signed Hide N Seek

Dear Hide N Seek,

Shivers to mergatroid!  I will never stomp my little hooves in the puddle outside in my magical backyard EVER again.  Heck, I close my eyes and still see you.  EEWW – you are like clowns – scary!!  I gotta get in therapy.  Thanks.



Dear Bacon,

You’re not the only cute thing that rides around in your mom’s moving thingy.  I love to settle in the back seat and go for a spin.  It kind of relaxes me and helps me to go to sleep.  I think it helps my mom too to hear me go bbaaww.  Signed Tiny

Dear Tiny,

OMP (oh my pig).  Yes you are so right my friend.  You are the most adorable little thing.  I just want to pick you up and cuddle with you!  If my mom saw you, oh goodness, we would so have to adopt you here at the Hotel Thompson!!  Stay safe my little friend.




Dear Bacon,

I turn my back for one minute and my tail hit my nuts off of the pole.  I think my face tells you everything.  I got make every nut count during these winter months!  Signed Flabbergasted

Dear Flabbergasted,

I’m sorry my friend for laughing but that look is priceless!  Hit me up, I’ll give you some nuts 🙂



Dear Bacon,

No matter what you do in life, never give up and never surrender.  You don’t know what strengths you have until you try.  Stay strong my friend.  Signed Adam Ant

Dear Adam Ant,

Those are some powerful words my little buddy.  So true and spot on.  I will never give up and never surrender with anything in my life.  Thank you!



Remember friends – keep your pictures and questions coming.  Send them to me at  – thanks for making my Tuesday specials of Dear Bacon just that – very special!


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Dear Bacon

20130601-000013.jpgDear Bacon,
Baseball is going on strong – we gotta show our love for the big A – Atlanta Braves. Come on little man – show some spirit! Signed Big A

Dear Big A,

Well, I will immediately step up to the plate and start doing that my friend. Thank you for reminding me. We do live here in Atlanta and we all most show our support to the local team – go Atlanta Braves!


Dear Bacon,
What?! You’ve never seen two cats wrestling before? Really that’s all we were doing. He’s fine – I’m just waiting for him to say uncle. Really. Signed Catweight

Dear Catweight,

Sure whatever you say. A wrestling move huh? And that’s just his front paw up saying no, right? Sure thing. Wrestling… okie dokie.



Dear Bacon,
I can’t help myself. I have a problem. Yes, I love to play in the bathroom… especially the magical unstoppable roll of paper on the rolly thing. It just spins like crazy and all of the soft paper goes on the floor. It’s hours of entertainment for me – rolling around in it, shredding it and playing non-stop with it. I need help Bacon! Signed Dog in Trouble

Dear Dog in Trouble,

Okay little guy – slowly step away from the paper and out of the bathroom. You can find fun elsewhere. That is the human’s paper. They need it for some reason when they go to their litter box. I’m not sure what they do with it but it’s important to them. So important that you don’t need to play with it. Ask your human for a new toy, go play with a pillow but never the paper on the rolly thing. If all else fails, perhaps your human will need to keep the bathroom door shut at all times. You can do this my friend. Admission for help was the first thing. I have faith in you.


Dear Bacon,
Now you know. There are no polar bears in the world. It’s just us regular black bears disguised as polar bears. Try to keep it to yourself okay. Signed Bear in a Disguise

Dear Bear in a Disguise,

NNNOOOO – that can’t be. You are joking right? There has to be polar bears. You can’t be everywhere. Smiles – you almost had me there. You’re good – real good!



Dear Bacon,

Sometimes its good to have a friend close by for that extra ‘step’ up to reach the things we can’t get ourselves. This is my friend Jack. If you ever need to borrow him, just let me know. He’ll let you stand on his back as well. Signed Sassy the Goat

Dear Sassy the Goat,

Now that is some friend. You tell Jack I said hay – snorts!

Remember friends – keep sending you pictures and questions to me at


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

I’m a clown in the circus.  I love working in the circus except for one thing – I don’t like when people squeeze my red nose.  Other than that, it’s a blast.  Signed Pancho the Donkey Clown

Dear Pancho the Donkey Clown,

That’s *all* you worry about?  People squeezing your red nose?  Not your clothes, the hat or the make-up.  Just the people squeezing your nose?  Dude, go with it!  Have fun at a job you love and earn your money while you can.  Maybe one day you can move to that donkey retirement community you’ve been looking into.


20130220-081227.jpgDear Bacon,

I’m a happy pooch now.  I had some problems with my teeth and my master took me to the dentist.  I am so happy with the results!  AND he put in a little bling for me.  What do you think?  Signed Smiling Pooch

Dear Smiling Pooch,

Well, your smile brought a smile to my face – it must be working.  You do look really happy in that picture.  And, I kind of like the bling.  Your master must really love you my friend!





Dear Bacon,

Sometimes in life, we just have to stop and smell the roses.  You know, take each day one day at a time and focus in on the moment.  I’m a lot more relaxed these days doing that.  Signed Goat of Leisure.

Dear Goat of Leisure,

Yes my friend.  You do look really relaxed in that floatie.  I think I may have to take some time today to enjoy the moment.  Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts.


20130220-081245.jpgDear Bacon,

We have a game in the house where us purr things get into the boxes that are attached by the string.  The string is attached to the barky thing that pulls us around the house.  It’s really kind of fun.  Maybe you can use this traveling method for your purr things?  Signed Sliding Kitties

Dear Sliding Kitties,

Yes I think that would be perfect for the purr things here.  *I* can get in a box and *they* can pull me around the house.  Perhaps they can bow down to me as well – snort.  It does look like a fun way to travel through the house!



20130220-081254.jpgDear Bacon,

It’s cold outside in this weather.  Betsy and I have been knitting and this is what we came up with.  It’s quite the hit on the farm.  It did take us a while to knit it though – it’s hard knitting with your beaks.  What do you think?  Signed Two Cold Chicks

Dear Two Cold Chicks,

That is very creative.  I’m kind of digging it.  Do you think you ladies can create something for me?  I would cherish it and wear it forever!


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Dear Bacon –


Dear Bacon,

Humans *think* they can get us.  I’ve got a few tricks up my fur.  I’ve created the Slam-o-helmet.  It protects my little noggin so I don’t get hurt.  Cause you know, I gotta have my cheese.  Clever, huh? Signed Smarty Mouse

Dear Smarty Mouse,

That is very clever!  I am very proud of you little fellow.  Still, be careful because you know what happens with only ONE wrong move. 



Dear Bacon,

You’re not the only animal with his own room.  I have my own room too.  In fact, I have a big boy bed and not just some toddler bed.  What do you think?  Signed Billy – King of the Pillow

Dear Billy – King of the Pillow,

I am impressed my goat friend.  Those colors are very becoming with the color of your fur.  See, we are totally blessed to have our own space inside of the house.  I’m not hatin – I think it’s fantastic my friend!



Dear Bacon,

We were walking down the street and we saw each other.  You know we had to show a little man love.  What?  You never seen two crocs hugging?  It’s the happening thing right now.  Signed Dos Crocs

Dear Dos Crocs,

I think it’s great.  I’ve seen women walking down the street clutching croc purses but never two crocs hugging.  I’m sure it freaked a few people out but hey maybe they just needed a hug or two as well.  Love the friendship!



Dear Bacon,

You know being a purr thing is hard.  We run around the house, we protect the humans from crawley things, we get into everything imaginable and look out the window all day.  It’s a hard life.  By the end of the day, there’s nothing much else to do but pass out on a comfortable spot.  But that’s okay, we trust our humans so we can stretch out without fear.  Signed – Sleeping Kitties

Dear Sleeping Kitties,

I understand perfectly about taking care of your kingdom.  I do the same.  And I agree.  It’s hard work.  I also have a tendency to stretch and pass out on the couch with mom after a long strenous day.  I trust her as well when I go belly up and snore.  You look really comfortable my friends.  Continue on!


20130214-082635.jpgDear Bacon,

My name is Tiny and I’m in charge.  I have a partner in crime named Sasquatch.  Together, we can not lose.  We run around the neighborhood… okay Sasquatch runs and I ride.  We are invincible.  He is my friend and my protector.  We have a wonderful friendship.  Don’t you agree?  Signed Tiny and Sasquatch

Dear Tiny and Sasquatch,

Hey, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.  I think ya’ll look cute together.  Ride on and have fun!!  Life is too short.


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

Can you tell by this look that I’m tired of the ever ending question that I *always* get? You know the one. Do I have to say it? “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?” Arrgghh – WHO cares?! Signed Aggravated Who

Dear Aggravated Who,

I know the answer to that. “One, Two and Three BITE”. PRAOL (Pig Rolling All over Laughing). I kill myself. That’s so funny! I know, I know. I’m sorry. I really do feel you… but you gotta admit it’s funny!

Dear Bacon,20130113-150748.jpg

What? You don’t get on your high horse sometimes and ride it? It’s really kind of fun. It even rocks – you just can’t see it the legs on the bottom. I rock it all over the room. Hey don’t knock it until you try it. Signed – Signed Spare the Paws, Ride a Horse

Dear Spare the Paws Ride a Horse,

My little snort just laughed on that one. I like it. Yeah, I’m going to have to stop literally getting on my high horse and start getting on that kind of horse. So funny!


Dear Bacon,

I guess I kind of fell into this situation. I got stuck between a rock and a hard place. The problem is, how do I get unstuck? And what if that rock moves just a tiny little bit, that’s a long fall into the river. Signed, Fellow Short Legs

Dear Fellow Short Legs,

That is really cramped corners. If I was stuck like that, I would be screaming, snorting and barking to the high heavens for my mommy. Warm up those vocals my friend. You’re in for a bumpy ride! P.S. You can swim, can’t you?



Dear Bacon,20130113-150813.jpg

Have you ever had one of those days that you ended up in the kitchen like this? I just couldn’t take it any longer. My little paws had it. Signed, Tummy Up

Dear Tummy Up,

I’ve been there a couple of times in my little life. Usually though, mom is there to give me belly rubs. You do look really comfortable though. Scrunch around and get attention. Perhaps someone will come by and scratch that belly.


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