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Ghost Pig


Every once in a while – not very often – I like to dress up and run around the house. See, I think it’s because mom and dad watch all of those scary ghost hunting shows with me. I’m not a scaredy pig but shivers – some of those shows are eerie!

I’m not sure if I could do the ‘hunt’ in a haunted house kind of thing. I think mom would like to try. She tells me that I could go with her and be a ghost hunting pig. HA – snort – HA – you’re so funny mom. You do remember the last time I got scared and you picked me up, right? LOL – that is so a story for another post!


So to ghost hunt or not – I’m not sure it’s in me. I would constantly be hiding out behind mom shaking… I mean protecting her from the unknown. That’s it – protecting her! Protecting my mommy from the eerie voices… the bump in the night… the unknown touch – shivers – I scared myself.

So the next time you dress up like this, think of me doing the same trying to go ‘boo’ throughout the house.


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