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Shopping Around the World

My friend Fozzie and I have scheduled a group posting today of Shopping Around the World.   We thought it would be interesting to see the differences between different countries all over.Here are our prices for the following from our area – Georgia USA:


  • Popcorn – We have a tendency to go old school here at the Hotel Thompson.  Mom buys the kernels in a bag to pop old fashion wise on the stove.  Trust me – it’s well worth the extra steps.  A 16 ounce bag of popcorn she can get on sale for $1.50 – it makes about 10-12 batches of corn for this oinker.  And trust me – I ❤ my popcorn.
  • Beer/Wine – Mommy is very picky on her wine.  She only buys Francis Ford Coppola wines.  Don’t ask me why cause I don’t know cause she won’t give me a taste of the grape – snorts.  Daddy says it costs about $20.00 or more for a bottle.  Thank goodness mommy doesn’t drink that much – I mean hey that cuts into my popcorn right?  PLOL
  • Chocolates – Mom’s favorite chocolates are Dove.  You know the ones that you unwrap and they have a secret little message on the wrapper.  She buys a 16 ounces bag usually for around $4.00.
  • Ice Cream –  Mom has been hooked on Breyers  Gelato these days.  Her favorite – Vanilla caramel.  Sometimes and not very often she can get a tub (28.5 ounces) for $4.00.  I have to admit mommy gave me a taste the last time she had some of this.  It was delicious.  I think I squealed it was so good!
  • Random Item of your choice – Something that comes out only during this time that my mommy absolutely loves is the white chocolate covered Oreo’s.  Delish… well so says mom and dad.  I have still yet to get one – hint hint mommy dearest.

If you have some items that you want to get on the list, email me my friends.

Hope you had fun!!



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Help – Who Is Right or Wrong?

Snorts.  Friends – I need your help again on this one.  It’s really important that you sink your teeth into this one and help us out here at the Hotel Thompson.  You see, mommy has a problem.  When she gets stressed, she hits the hard stuff.  Straight up from the box.  That’s right – she goes for the ice cream… or in this case the Gelato.


 We are not talking a small bowl – we are talking get the entire tub out and graze straight from the container.  It helps that she bought this new stuff from the market a couple of weeks ago.  That’s right – a couple of WEEKS ago.  See, she hasn’t done too bad in stressing – there’s still some in the container – snorts.  And it may last for several months here at the Hotel Thompson… especially this flavor cause daddy doesn’t like it – snorts.  That’s fine… it’s more for me and mommy.

And by the way, this new stuff is awesome.  Nods head up and down.  I *might* have gotten a couple of tastes… of course in a bowl silly – snorts.  Mommy wouldn’t share her spoon.  This is caramel swirl Gelato.  You want a closer look don’t you?  Here you go:



See all of that caramel goodness?  When mommy gets her ‘tub’ out, she is in piggy heaven!  (I know I was.)  But I digress.  Here is where we need your help my friends.

When mommy takes her tub of gooey goodness out of the freezer, she nukes it in the microwave for 10 seconds to get the ‘hardness’ off of it so she can dig in with her shovel spoon.  Daddy says she’s two steps from insanity when she does this and that it’s not “right” to punish ice cream like that.

What do you think?  I mean personally, I like it either way and I’m not complaining – snorts.  But mom and dad laugh every time mommy does this.  Tell me she’s not the only one in the world that does this.  Tell me that daddy is not going to have to call the men with the little white jackets to come and take mommy away.  Thoughts?!  Please discuss.



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Miscellaneous Tybee Trip Finds

I know – one day I *might* get done talking about mom/dad’s vacation.  Until then, I still have more to share 🙂 I hope I don’t bore you too much but they did find some neat things.

Mom is a HUGE sock monkey fan.  Don’t ask me why but she just loves the little guys.  She has them in all shapes and sizes in the back of her Smart car Albert.  Well, can you believe they found a new one while on vacation?  This is Frankensock.  Rolls piggy eyes.  Yep Frankensock.  Did I mention that she names them all too? – snorts.  And if you look in the picture in the bottom left hand corner, you will see one of her other sock monkeys peeking out at you.  That is Mr Sock-a-lots.  Crazy huh?  Only my mother would collect sock monkeys.  Please tell me there are others out there – please.  And if you think that the sock monkeys are just limited to little toys you can hold, you would be so wrong.  Just wait until when it gets colder and I show you a picture of what she actually wears to bed at night.  O.M.P. (oh my pig).  Now that is a sight to behold – snorts.


Who would have ever thought while on vacation that mom/dad would come across another Smart car with an anipal in it?!  While walking around the pier, they met Susan and Joey in their little car – how adorably cute!  Of course, mom/dad struck up a conversation with them and had to point out their car in the parking lot as well.

You so have to check Susan and Joey out at and let them know that Bacon sent you.  They have a wonderful shop called Seaside Sisters where their web site calls it – clears throat “The best litttle shore house on Tybee”.  Snorts – Isn’t that awesome!

And you see on the side of the door the sign – it’s for their other business Seaside Sweets.  They have the best gelato shop at 18B Tybrisa/16th Street, Tybee Island.  Mom/dad went their a couple of times during their trip.  They couldn’t try everything in one stop so they just had to break things down – snorts.  It was delicious… they said.  This little piggy didn’t get any.  Do you see a pattern here?  *I* didn’t get anything brought back for my pot belly.  hhhmm – I’m going to have to fix that little problem in the future!

They were fabulous and Joey was so well behaved!  Bashful was super impressed as well as mom/dad.  And of course, dad *had* to ask Ms. Susan the ever-ending question.  He told her, “I gotta know.  When you are driving around, do other people in Smart cars ever wave and act crazy when they see you?”  The answer was, “Oh gosh YES!”  See daddy is right.  It’s like a club in those Smart cars.  And you see, Joey rides in the front seat and mommy makes me ride in the back.  I wonder if she’ll let me in the front now?  Inquiring piggy minds you know!


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