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Open Apology to Mom

Okay all of us anipals here at the Hotel Thompson are writing this to mom as an open apology for our misbehavior this morning.  We apologize and will try very hard not to let it happen again.  Really.  We will.  So let us explain our behavior my friends.

First up.  Mom is not a morning person.  Not at all.  We are talking zombie before coffee – no coffee no talkie.  Well this morning, rolls piggy eyes and looks innocent, someone set the alarm to zero five hundred dark in the woods time to get up… something about trying to be the first to check in with cousin Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser. (And no I wasn’t first – darn it and shuffles hooves).  Well after I checked in, I went back to sleep in the big bed – see me here in the picture.  Mom was not amused.  She got up, went to the bathroom, mumbled about who in their right mind would change the alarm clock and then went back to bed for a few minutes.  Unfortunately that’s when she fell asleep and that’s bad.  Bad because today is a worky day and she has to go that worky place.  And the alarm clock already went off.  This is not good.

A couple of hours later, mom wakes up because Hemi is rolling around on her side.  That’s when she notices that it is awfully lit inside of the room.  She sits up and’ because it’s almost 8:00AM.  What the cream cheese?  What happened?  I know – I know – “someone set the alarm to zero five hundred dark in the woods time to get up”.  

She jumps out of bed, tells daddy she’s running late and starts the marathon.  But of course we are all standing there looking at her like, “Hey, remember us?”  You know that pitiful look of we have never eaten before and are starving – snorts.  And did you know there is a reason why we anipals get up in shifts in the morning for feeding.  You see, I need to eat first.  It’s just the way it is.  Once you satisfy my rumbling belly with my piggy chow and Cheerio’s, I’ll go back to sleep.  Then there is Houdini that gets fed.  If you don’t feed him by himself and watch, the purr things try to eat his food.  And then lastly, it’s the purr things.  We all like the purr things food – snorts. Try feeding us all at one time – snorts with piggy laughter.  Let’s just say that it didn’t go too well and mom still had not had any coffee.

And then there was the incident with the front room carpet mat near the entrance.  Someone was caught gnawing on it like it was a puppy treat – not mentioning any names little guy.  There’s now a hole in it and mommy might have blown a gasket because of that…. or maybe it was because I butted my head through the baby gate into the kitchen and ate some of the purr things food?… or maybe it was the purr thing Hemi chasing Houdini around the house knocking over the water dish?  I’m not really sure what exactly it was that threw mommy over the edge this morning but I think she sure was glad to go to the worky place this morning.  Sorry mom.


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The Great Gate


If you’ve been a long time fan, you remember the fiasco mom went through with the great kitchen gate. Snort – it was hilarious. If you don’t remember, I’ll bring you up to date.

Mom had this idea when she first adopted me that she didn’t want me in the kitchen unchaperoned. I know, silly idea wasn’t it? She got this idea that if I knew where food came from I would go crazy in trying to get to it. I’m not sure who put that crazy thought in her mind.

Well, mom went through several attempts in getting a gate put in the kitchen. She would order one and it would be too small, too big, wrong kind or not piggy proof. Ha as if. With each failed gate, I ruled and won. Until one day the gods sung in her favor and she finally got one that worked.

Said gate has been great in keeping my little hiney out of the kitchen…until today. See, that’s the problem with a pig. We are the Albert Einsteins of our breed. We will look at the situation and we will figure it out. Once it’s figured out, you have problems.

Take in part this wonderful kitchen gate. I looked at it, snouted it and watched how it works. I can hit the bottom part of the gate where it opens with my little powerful snout and guess what? I’m in the kitchen unchaperoned. So much for the great gate. Hee hee


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Mom Finally Scores


Well mom finally won. Stomps feet and snorts. Woke up from a wonderful nap this afternoon where I was dreaming of a field of apples. Wondered into the front room and what did I find? Moms 4th attempt of the gate worked. How am I going to get into the kitchen now? We’re talking massive gate that stays up all of the time that has a door in it. I’m doomed now of getting into the cat and dog food. What’s a pig to do?

I kept wondering from my bedroom to the gate thinking it would go away. It didn’t. Mom says with the new gate up, I can stay out more which is good. I’ve kind of settled down from my baby stage. I’m 13 weeks now and I basically eat, pee, sleep, eat, poop, sleep…not necessarily in that order… all day long. It’s good to be a pig in this family.

Well moms not feeling good so I have to go check on her. More later – oink oink out.


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Uh Oh


I think I may be in trouble. Mom is really serious about this baby gate. She wants to keep me out of the kitchen and I’ve been winning so far but I think my days are numbered. Mom gathered up all of the gates and extensions that didn’t work and took them back to the store this weekend. But, I noticed that she left one gate. And when she came back from the store, she had a funny grin on her face. All she said was soon. I still have freedom for a while. Evil snort – I like the kitchen. It has all of the food in there. I’ll find a way.

I think I’m going through another growth spell. I’m so hungry all of the time and mom says my tail looks longer. Today I slept on mom a lot which was nice. I also got to jump on and off the couches a lot. That is so fun to me. Who says pigs can’t jump?

Well I gotta run. This pig needs his sleep to grow. Oink oink out!


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