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Bacon’s Show and Tell

Thank you so very much my friends for making Bacon’s Show and Tell a great place to be every month. ¬†It takes everyone in blogville to have a party every month ūüôā

This month for¬†Bacon’s Show and Tell we are highlighting the funniest gift you have been given.

At Christmas when mom/dad were first starting to date, both sides of parents would have get together’s for dinner and presents. ¬†Around the 2nd or 3rd year of mom/dad dating, they were gathered at mom’s parents house for presents. ¬†They would pass presents around and each person would open them up while others watched. ¬†This particular Christmas had two funny gifts.

One was for mom’s mom (my Nana) that was from dad. ¬†One day dad heard Nana telling Grandpa that she absolutely loved pickles and she couldn’t get enough of them. ¬†Well, dad wanting to please her, fixed her up. ¬†He went to our local Sam’s Club and bought Nana the biggest jar of pickles he could find. ¬†One gallon of awesome dill pickles all to herself. ¬†What a guy huh?

The same Christmas, mom also got a present from daddy. ¬†She opened it up and it held nothing but band-aids and bandages of all assortment. ¬†Mom was confused at most while others wondered too what was this about. ¬†That’s when mom found the card in the box from daddy. ¬†It said, “You look as good to me as a bare ankle to a rattlesnake and I’m going to be all over you.” ¬†Various shades of red on mom’s face can not explain the embarrassment and trying to explain the box without reading the note.


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