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Mom’s Food Adventure

  I have to tell you my friends that I just ❤ it when mom/dad go out and bring back glorious pictures of the eating adventures.  What do I like even more than that?  When they bring me a piggy back which they DID NOT in this case – snorts.

Mom/dad went out recently and go dessert which they normally don’t order.  I asked mom why they did this time.  She said it was because their favorite Mexican restaurant has the best fried ice cream.  Yep, I said FRIED ICE CREAM.  Have you ever seen such a delectable creation in this picture?

Now, of course I had to ask mommy.  How does one make fried ice cream?  She says that this restaurant rolls frozen ice cream into cornflakes and then quick fries the creation for just a couple of minutes to brown the cornflakes.  Then it is garnished into this beautiful creation.  Have you ever tried fried ice cream?


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