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This Little Piggy is Just a Tad Jealous

Now, I’m not saying I’m green with envy but I am just a tad bit jealous of Albert, mom’s little Smart car.  Mom/dad took Albert out to swim today with the big kids.  Can you believe that?  He didn’t even have to wear floaties.  Aren’t you shocked?

They said he was big enough now to go out on road trips and it was raining pretty hard today.  They took him for a spin on the highway.  What fun that had to be!  Mom and dad said they got up to 70 miles per hour and Albert was having a ball.

Maybe one day soon when I overcome my anti-nature stance, I can go out and play too in the rain with the big boys?  Ya’ll know I’m playing and just having fun.  Albert’s a cool friend. 


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