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My Trouble Maker Daddy

   The other night while mom and dad were laying in bed they were talking about fun times that have happened.  Daddy brought up a story that was hilarious and I had to share.  You see, my daddy has a warped sense of humor.  I can admit that – the nut doesn’t fall from the tree here with me – snorts.  And it doesn’t matter where daddy is because he can find trouble.

It was maybe five years ago when dad’s mom was still with us.  Dad, mom and his mom all went grocery shopping together.  Dad went up to the bakery with by himself looking at all of the cookies and was drooling.  Did I mention that daddy is a cookie freak?  He loves them ALL – it doesn’t matter what kind.  He was kind of being funny and asked the attendant for a free cookie.  The attendant said, “If you bring your mom, I’ll give you a free cookie” and she just smiled.  What she didn’t know was this was now a challenge for dad – snorts and rolls with laughter.

He went through the store until he found my mom and his mom.  He told them that they needed to come to the bakery with him.  He didn’t tell them why.  So there they go – all three of them to the bakery.  Dad saw the same attendant and told her, “I brought my mom” then he just grinned.  Well of course, he got a free cookie.  Shakes piggy head.  What my dad will do for a cookie!


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