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Mommy is in Deep Trouble

You see, this past weekend mommy was grounded at the house.  First off, she has been tired and doing too much.  She keeps saying that she’s playing the ‘catch up’ game for a couple of weeks now.  Well, Houdini took that to heart.  How so?  Well he hid her Jeep keys Friday night.  It was like he was telling her something, right?

Well he was telling her something alright. Guess what Saturday was and mom never said a word?  It was Houdini’s two year birthday.  Can you believe she ‘forgot’?  She admitted to the little guy that she forgot, that she would make it up and wouldn’t let it happen again.  Now, Houdini took it pretty well but trust me.  That little pooch is going to make mommy pay the price.

This is the dude’s picture from last year on his first birthday where mom threw him a surprise doggy party – full with doggy ice cream, friends and presents.  So you see, you know he was expecting the same.

Has your humans ever forgotten your important date?  What do you think mom should do?


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Daddy is a Smart Man

Yep, I said that out loud and you did not hear things.  This little oinker admits that there are times that dad steps up to the plate and thinks ahead.  Today was a special day for mom in theory – you know because it was Professional Administrative Day. Well, as you can imagine mom has four bosses and 30 co-workers that she does work for and not one said anything today on the official day.  No card.  No flowers.  No lunch.  No emails.  No thank you.  No acknowledgement.  Zip.  Nada.  This broke mine and dad’s heart especially knowing how much mom gives and does.  Is it really too much to ask for to be acknowledged and thanked at least ONE day out of the year?  Shakes my piggy head.

But me and dad came up with a plan.  When mom got home, we had a bubble bath ready for her and she had her choice of these two items – one with the bath and one after the bath.  I know she’s on that DIEt thing but come on – she deserves it.

AND if you my friends have humans that got overlooked today too – I’m so sorry.  Please give your human a hog and snout kiss from me and tell them we think they are wonderful! ❤


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