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Friends and Followers Award

Oh gracious my little pot belly, I have been bestowed the Friends and Followers Award by my great friend Cocco and his mom at

You do know how much this little oinker loves awards!  I do believe that one day I will take flight because my tail wags non-stop with excitement when getting an award.   Thank you Cocco and mom Katie – I appreciate you thinking of me.  Piggies unite and take flight!

The rules are simple:

1 – Post the award on your blog.

2 – Thank the blogger that gave it to you.

3 – Review your followers and friends, pick a few and pass along the award.  (Cocco picked five so I am going to pass along to five.)  Let them know that they got an award from you 🙂

In no particular order, I’m passing on my five for the Friends and Followers Award.

Have an awesome day my friends.  Please share with your friends.  If you haven’t seen these bloggers above, please pay them a visit and tell them that Bacon sent you 🙂  XOXO – Bacon



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