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One Buzz Stand

Courtesy of Sunny Street, Max Garcia


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Paw Time with Houdini

 Hello friends – BARKS!  This week has been exciting for sure here at the Hotel Thompson.  We have all been taking turns keeping mom company and helping her get better.  What better way huh – with anipal love.  I’ve recently acquired one of the purr things toys that I absolutely love and can no do without.  I’m sure you will understand – Yorkie Rules – if you don’t play with it, it’s now mine. 🙂

So this toy and me have a hate/love relationship.  It tempts me and I want what it has but it won’t give it up.  I guess the only way to describe it better is to show you.  So here you go.  What do you think.  Is this toy the devil or what?  Barks!


P.S.  Thanks my friends for all of the birthday wishes earlier this week for Nana.  I do believe she had a wonderful day.  We sent her flowers here from the Hotel Thompson.

We wanted her to have something that would be dear and close to her heart.  Check out the picture of her flowers – the Pooch Party.  Isn’t it appropriate?

We wanted to show you earlier but Nana reads our blogs and we wanted her to be surprised.  Hey Nana 🙂


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,
This is my big brother Hercules.  Every day, he lets me sleep on him.  He protects me and keeps me warm.  Do you have a Hercules at the Hotel Thompson that does that for you?  Signed Tiny the Piggy

Dear Tiny the Piggy,
That is totally awesome that you have a friend like Hercules.  I don’t have a Hercules but mommy does kind of do for me what he does for you.  It’s totally awesome to have that kind of relationship.  Take care of you my little porky friend!



Dear Bacon,
I don’t know why the humans got so upset over this picture.  They kept calling Polly, the kitty here.  I kept telling them that I didn’t know where she was.  For some reason, they didn’t believe me.  Signed Hyde and Go Seek

Dear Hyde and Go Seek,
WOW.  No idea where Polly is huh?  Have you looked on the bed?  Have you puffed your pillow lately?  Has your pillow purred or meowed?  That might be the first place to look my friend.  Then again, if Polly didn’t want to be there, she wouldn’t be.  In fact, she kind of looks comfy to me.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Carry on – 🙂




Dear Bacon,
I feel pretty – so pretty.  Sometimes you just have to stop in life, lay down and smell the daisies.  These are some of my favorite moments.  You ever get to do this?  Signed Pondering Bear

Dear Pondering Bear,
You’ve got a point there my friend.  Life does go really fast sometimes and you need to stop and smell the daises… which happen to be my mom’s favorites.  It’s good to take a breath and remember what you have and who you are. I say continue on being pretty my friend.  Enjoy the smell of the daisy and the heat from the sun.



Dear Bacon,
All aboard the school bus – woof.  My humans found this party bus outfit and got it for me.  I’m kind of digging it.  You want to come aboard the party bus little guy?  Signed Corki in Charge

Dear Corki in Charge,
That is totally awesome!  I absolutely love the little friends you have in your bus.  It does look like a party bus too.  Beep-beep Let’s have some fun my friend.  Everyone sing with me now, “The wheels on the bus go round and round.  The people on the bus go up and down.  The driver on the bus says  move on back.”




Dear Bacon,
Can you believe that the humans make me carry my own back pack when we go out for day trips?  Why do I have to carry my diaper bag?  Can’t they?  Signed Tyke

Dear Tyke,
Aaww – you really cute with your back pack my friend.  It looks like it was just made for you.  There’s no worries on carrying it.  Sometimes my mom makes me carry my pack with me as well.  I look at it as helping her out.  Thing of it that way as to what a big bunny you are now to be helping out the humans.  That’s awesome!  And I’ll tell you something.  When I carry mine, mom usually puts me some treats in there.  That’s always a good thing!



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It’s Finally Here!


Stop and smell the flowers. It’s almost the weekend! I can almost see it from here.

Weekends are cool and nice. Usually mom and dad are both home and this weekend is no different. I especially like the weekends where they kind of camp out at the house all weekend. This is double down Bacon bonding time. I hang out in the front room with them watching television and of course we normally all fall asleep. I’m not sure who snores the loudest yet.


Also when moms home on the weekend, she does a lot of cooking. You know what this means? I get to be her sous chef. Happy day! I wonder what kind of wonderful delicacies she will come up with this weekend.


What’s some of your favorite things to do on a long weekend? What ever you decide to do, stop and smell the flowers and make the best of it!

Hogs and kisses XOXO Bacon


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