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31 Days of Spook – Help Me

Today I present to you a scenario.  What if you bought a house and moved hoping to start fresh.  You pull up the carpets to put down hard wood floor and you find what is in this picture below.  What do you do?  Thoughts?  It could happen… you never know.  And I’m not saying that mom/dad did this to their flooring when they remodeled this year… nope not saying that at all.



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Paw Time with Houdini

Hello my sweet friends.  It’s been a couple of weeks since my last check in here from the Hotel Thompson.  We are ALL so glad the renovation is over here.  It was amazing and I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the before and after pictures as well as mom’s breakdown of the different phases.  I tell you that mother of mine is a scheduler… and a juggler.  She kept us all on a strict schedule.  Have you see the television shows where they don’t show the home owner the after until it’s finished?  That’s what mom/dad did to us anipals here.  We all got shipped up the street to Nana’s to spend the night the day of the floor installation.  The last thing we remember is the carpet and linoleum.  So that Friday after the furniture was delivered, mom came and got us from Nana’s.  OMD!  Once we got inside of the Hotel Thompson, us anipals couldn’t believe it!  It was so new and different.  We all thought we were at the wrong house for a bit.  So many different changes.  We anipals went around and of course had to check things out and mark our territories.  So many new things to try out!

Then it happened.  Mom told us that we had to be careful of the new flooring and furniture.  And of course, daddy put the baby gate back up blocking us from the kitchen.  That baby gate is because of Bacon – don’t tell him I told you that.  That pig – rolls doggy eyes – he knows how to open the freezer so he can’t go in there anymore.  Since he can’t go in there, we can’t go in there.  Of course, the cats jump the fence but I’m too little.  But when I did get to go in the kitchen to check things out – WOW!  I ran and ran and ran around that kitchen island so many times that I got dizzy.  It’s so neat!

And of course my favorite piece of furniture is the couch.  All of those big puffy pillows – I was in pooch heaven.  My personal challenge is to see how many I can knock on the floor before mom/dad realize what I’m doing – barks!  And mom’s chaise – WOW!  That thing is like a bed for a queen – which my mommy is – 🙂  She keeps this comfy Chinese blankie on it that she wraps up in when she is on it.  The other day, I jumped up with her.  Yep – see the picture.  It was so comfy!  And are you wondering what my shirt says?  It’s one of my favorites – of course my brother Bacon doesn’t like it but I think that’s what makes it even funnier.  The shirt says, “I like bacon on my bacon”.  Funny huh?

Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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31 Days of Spook – Help Me

Welcome to 31 Days of Spook my friends.  Today I present to you a scenario.  What if you bought a house and moved hoping to start fresh.  You pull up the carpets to put down hard wood floor and you find what is in this picture below.  What do you do?  Thoughts?  It could happen… you never know.



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It’s Bound to Happen Friends

20130601-003708.jpgMom is on the war path of wanting to upgrade some things in the kitchen.  You just know I’m going to be asking all of my friends to come over and help out, right?  The quicker this little project gets done, the quicker I get my mommy back where she belongs – with me!

It’s nothing major in the kitchen.  It’s just a little cosmetic uplift.  You know some fresh colorful paint on the walls – mom so hates a white wall.  I just don’t understand her adversion to them.  And, she wants to put a new floor down.  She says it’s not a big project and that she’s done them before.  You go mom – you rock!

I’ve helped with pulling up the old linoleum floor here and there.  My snout is a mighty powerful instrument just for your information – snorts.  I will definitely keep you posted with before/after pictures when this project gets on the road.  Don’t tell her but I’m kind of looking forward to the makeover.  The paint she has picked out is pigawesome! 

And what better time to start all of this construction when we have the problem with the roof.  Something has to be done to the little drip that is there now.  We definitely don’t want the ‘small’ drip turning into a giant down pour.  I’ll keep you posted my friends.


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My Favorite Position –


I love my mommy.  When she comes home at night, the fun begins.  I’m not saying that I don’t have fun with dad during the day.  It’s just that she’s my mommy.  I greet her at the front door and she *always* stops right there, bends over and pets my little head.  I snort at her.  Sometimes, she will snort back.  It’s so funny when she does this! 

She then puts her things down and we go into the kitchen together.  I watch as she fixes my dinner of piggy chow and salad.  After I eat, she puts me in my room for my meditation time while she and dad eat their dinner. 

Afterwards, I come out and oversee her doing the dishes. Then we land in the front room playing with each other.  Sometimes we play chase and sometimes she sits with me on the floor.  Last night, I went over to her feet and fell down stretching out.  Of course, mommy always has a camera handy and took my picture.  Yep that’s me and Mr. Blankie.  Look at all of that hair I have.  Some people say it’s unusual for me to have that much fur.  I don’t know anything different. 

20121128-071125.jpgAfter I got done laying on the floor, I got a little cold.  So, I jumped on the couch with mom.  She wraps me up with everything and pets me while we snuggle.  I know – I know.  I’m a little spoiled.  But isn’t that what great pets are for?  LOL

Have you ever seen a pig all comfy and snuggly on a couch?  Heck, for that matter do you know of any other spoiled piglets out there?  I like to think of myself as a one of a kind.  I’m special that way. 

Here’s hoping you have a fantastic hump day –

happy Wednesday!

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