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What the heck is this?!  

What the piggy heavens?!  Mom I’m not even going to ask … okay I am.

Are you serious?  Really?  Baconnaise – the quote “ultimate bacon flavored spread”.  On what?  And “Everything should taste like Bacon”.  And the topper, “No artificial flavoring”.  Gulps and squeals!

I’m telling you my friends.  This worries me.  Should I worry?  Or should I use daddy’s credit card and buy all of them to get it off the market?

Shakes piggy head and walks away confused.


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Bacon’s Show and Tell

Today for Bacon’s Show and Tell we are highlighting a special treat you got while growing up.  This is great!

When mom was little many, many, many, many moons ago – snorts, her parents would always give her Necco candy wafers.  Necco’s are thin little wafers that came in all kinds of flavors.  Mom’s favorite was the assortment followed closely by chocolate – yummy!  Mom’s mom and dad would buy these as a special treat.  They were tiny, came in a roll and were pretty cheap considering.  It was the perfect sugary treat.

To this day, if mom and dad are out and about and see them, daddy continues the tradition and buys mom a roll – ❤ sweet huh?

They started making Necco wafers in 1847 – of course that was WAY beyond mom’s time… I think – snorts.  According to the Necco web page, today they make over 630 million Necco wafers a year!  That’s enough placed edge to edge would go around the world twice.  Isn’t that amazing!?

Have you ever had one of these?  If you ever see them in the store, we highly recommend them.  I myself have tried them and find them delicious – and crunchy!



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On the Road with Bashful!







It’s adventure time again!  Have you missed me and my adventures?  I’ve been doing some field work so I’ve been a little out of touch with my friends here.  Also, someone put a nasty video out there of a juvenile rolling stone causing some havoc in the store and would you believe some people thought it was little ole innocent me?  In my best Urkel voice, “Would I do that?” 

With all of that behind me, today I bring you the first part of my field trip to the department store, Target.  It was great!  There’s lots of similarities between Target and Wally World and then on the other pebble there’s lot of differences.  Between the two, I can’t pick which one I liked better.



One of the good things about Target is that they have snacks.  Good snacks too.  Mom/dad said they had to get me a snack so I wouldn’t stroll off again and eat strawberry pie.  They bought me a slushy and popcorn.  Oh the joys for this little rolling stone!  We all snacked on popcorn and went around the store looking at some of the neatest things.



We started off in the outdoors department.   They had tents, patio furniture, chairs and other outdoor kinds of things.  I saw this rock and fell slightly in love with it.  I think it kind of liked me to because every time I got close to it, it lit up with this bright light.  I think it was flirting with me.  I might have kind of flirted back a little by making googly eyes to it.  When mom/dad wasn’t looking, I passed it my phone number.  I do hope she calls!




 We then went to the shoe department to look around because you know mom always *needs* a new pair of shoes.  I think she has more shoes than Tylenol has pills by now – rolls rock eyes. 

While we were there, dad found me a pair of shoes to match his.  Aren’t they the cutest?  And they fit me perfect.  They are kind of cool.  The best part is you don’t have to wear socks with them.  And that’s a good thing because my feet are awfully short and wearing socks looks ridiculous on me.




And the best part was this food tray.  I about fell off the tray I was laughing so hard.  I didn’t forget about you Bacon – as you can see Pops – Bacon is my favorite flavor.  RLOL (Rock laughing out loud).  I wanted to buy this tray but mommy said no.  I thought it was the coolest tray ever though.  Don’t you?

Well, that’s it for the first part of my Target field trip.  I hope you had a good time with me.  I’ll post the second part of my trip soon.  Every one have a great weekend!


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