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Snap, Crackle and POP

I’m sorry mom and dad.  I couldn’t resist this. I heard you both get up from the couch this morning.  There was more snapping and cracking go on that for a minute I thought daddy had some cereal on the counter.


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Houdini Update


Okay my friends – can you say FIELD TRIP?  I spoke to daddy over the weekend and told him that we needed to go on a field trip for the little guy and buy him some of his very own toys.  Not that I mind sharing – I don’t.  But I want him to have some things that are just his own.  You can relate, right?

So me and dad went to our local Petsmart and I helped him pick out some cherished toys for the tyke.  I took a picture to share and it’s to the left.  Look familiar – snorts.  Of course, all of them have some type of ‘teething’ help for him.  He seems to be going through the puppy stage of everything needs to be nibbled.  That includes: fingers, toes, hooves, paws, ME – snorts.  Thus, he needed some help in that department.  I think he really likes his new toys we got him.


He played hard with all of them.  Can you guess which one is his favorite so far?  Yep, it would be teething piggy.  Heck, I kind of like that one too.  He’s a lot of fun being chewed.  And of course, he has to check out mom’s feet.  Right now, the little guy is so short and low to the ground that he finds everyone’s feet fascinating.  He follows them everywhere in the Hotel Thompson.  And occasionally, he will lick toes.  Mom just squeals with delight.  I do that to her too 🙂  Silly mom huh?

And don’t think daddy gets left out of the fun.  Houdini is a equal toe licker – snorts that sounds so terribly bad doesn’t it?


And this past Friday, mom took off from the worky place to get Houdini his next set of shots and for a wellness check.  Everything checked out okay.  Can you guess how much he weighed in at this visit?  Go ahead – you’ll never be able to guess.  Ready for it?  A whopping 2.4 pounds!  Man, he’s a cow isn’t it?  Snorts and rolls around laughing.  He goes back to the vet in three more weeks for one more set of puppy shots.  Then he’ll go back for his yearly shots.  The little guy has been poked and prodded so much in the past 12 weeks it’s unreal!

And look at this picture to the left, he is trying to get to dad’s toes under the tray so dad can’t get him.  He’s way too funny the little guy!

So there’s your update on the Houdini.  Stay tuned for more my friends!


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Freaky Friday Mix Up

Dear Diary,

Something wicked has happened to me. I’m not sure what to think about this. It started out like usual and then it went far left really quick. I’m getting ahead of myself like I normally do so let me start from the beginning. This is what happened:

Yawn and stretch. Hhhmm – eyebrows straight up – that felt different. My stretch was more… well stretchy. Strange. It felt like I had long and fluid legs… not my usual short and stout ones. Maybe I’m losing weight – yeah that has to be it. Opens eyes and looks around my room. What is that insistent chirping noise? It’s coming from beyond the window in my bedroom. I stand up and stretch again. Man, I must be really losing weight. I felt my back, my legs and even my tail stretch on that one. There goes that chirping again. Dude, that’s got to stop.

I walked over to the window and that was another strange thing. My hooves on my bedroom floor didn’t make the regular clickety-clack sound. Strange but okay. I gotta eat some more. I looked up at the window ledge and didn’t think twice before I jumped up on it. WOW – I can jump! Wonder why I never did that before? I looked out the window and spotted those singing creatures outside. Those would so make a wonderful two piece snack. Snap, did I say that? And oh looky – there is Mr. Parson’s furry things. HISS! Double HISS! What in the world?! Where did that come from? Shakes head – things are weird this Friday.

I hear mom in the kitchen and the next thing I knew she was saying, “Frühstück”. I immediately jumped down and went down the hallway. Hey, I’m hungry for some breakfast. I hope she made tuna. I then stopped immediately in my tracks. What?! How did I know German? And tuna for breakfast? Today is strange.

I continued to the kitchen and that’s when weird became super weird. I walked up to mom and swished my body against her legs and bit her ankle. What in the world?! Mom started fussing at me and I started talking back to her. What? I don’t do that. I ate my breakfast and then spied an empty box in the living room. Oh squeal – this is my lucky day! I looked at mom and made one last meow at her and went in the front room jumping in the box. What in the heck just happened? I meowed and jumped in a box. WHAT?! Something is definitely wrong. I ran to my bedroom and looked in the mirror. Blinked several times and shook myself. I must still be dreaming. There is no way this can be real. I’m Tigerlino?! Oh dear, that must have been some bad strawberries I had last night. I can’t be a boy kitty. No way! No wonder I could jump. This can’t be happening. A nap. That’s what I need – a power nap.

So Diary. I thought it was just a dream. All I had to do was go back to sleep and finish this dream. That’s it. I’m a pig. I’m not a cat. No way! So the power nap commenced. I woke up after an hour or so and just *knew* it would be better… so I thought. This is what happened then:

Slowly I started to wake. It felt funny. It didn’t feel like my soft bed. This felt like paper. I looked underneath me and somehow I had fell asleep on the newspapers. Ha – I guess that was my way of keeping on top of the current events. I went to stand and tripped over my two front feet – clumsy me. I stretched and then I was off to look for the ladies room. I found it and chattered until I got some privacy. That’s when I smelled the coffee from mom. She was at the fridge getting some of that delicious evaporated milk for her warm cup. I walked over and pleaded by going in and out of her legs and talking to her until she caved. She fixed me a little bowl and it was pure heaven! The only thing that could have made this better was some strawberry yogurt. Licks lips and starts to clean myself. Oh snap! I didn’t know I could bring my back leg up over my head?! Oh dear heavens – call Circus Soleil – this she kitty has skills!

What? What did I just say?! Oh my, something is very wrong. What is mommy doing now? Oh Himmel! Here comes that monster in the closet. Screech! and runs off to the bedroom to hide under the bed. I’m shaking. I’m scared. That monster in the closet is like a scary movie waiting to happen!

But wait a minute. Why am I hiding under the bed and still speaking German?! I keep repeating to myself, “This can’t be real. This can’t be real.” I slowly crawl out from underneath the bed and look in the mirror. Holy bat kitty – look at that sexy purr thing – wolf whistles. Wait a minute, that sexy purr thing whistled back at me. I move my arm and she moved her arm. Oh no. Oh no. I finally looked down at my feet. Oh.good.Lord. I’m Roxy now? What in the world have we done? What happened?

Diary, I’m trying to remember last night. I remember talking to Tigerlino and Roxy before going to bed. We were talking about how each of us live throughout the day at our homes. Uh-oh… is this Freaky Friday?! I lay down and close my eyes trying to concentrate. When I open them, I’ll be fine. This is just a dream. You know like how when mom sleep walks. Yeah, that’s it. It has to be it. I’m going to count to 10, open my eyes and look down. Everything will be fine. Really. I *just* know it.

OH DEAR HEAVENS – Call Dr. Phil. Call Oprah. Call the Vet. I’m A CAT!?!


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Mother Ship Transportation


I’ve absolutely seen everything now. 

I was on line last night after Bashful finally went to sleep.  I saw this and thought it was the most outstanding and wonderful contraption ever!  I never knew this even existed.  It’s the best concept for those that don’t want to get their little feet wet… like me.

I just have to wonder if it’s a big enough space for me to crawl into?  It looks like there’s quiet a little clan up in there so I might be able to fit.

Have you ever seen this before?  I wonder what else is out there that I don’t know about?  …. off to search more stuff on the internet!


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My Cuteness…


20120606-073449.jpgI’m not sure why but I get a *lot* of requests for pictures of my tail and feet.  Is there something going on there that I don’t know about?  They look the same to me as they usually do.  

The other night mom had to use her toes when she was playing the little piggy goes to the market.  It was really comical.  Did you know that she is ticklish?  After I found this out, I had to keep on picking on her and touching her toes. 

I asked her why mine were different than hers.  She told me that God blessed my little feet and they are special.  She even said that God gave me a tail to be special.  She really wants a tail.  I can tell from the way she talked.  She has tail envy.  See that’s why I love mom.  She always tells me the truth on these matters.

So, for all that have requested, here is a picture of my blessed toes and tail.  Don’t be jealous cause you don’t have one.  We are all special in some way. 

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