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Don’t Come Knocking On My Door

Today for my afternoon nap, dad tucked me in bed with some celery and carrots and I watched The Three Little Pigs on my flatscreen.  I know it’s old school from the 1930’s but I love Mr. Disney and his movies.  This is like the upteenth time I’ve seen movie and I have some thoughts.

Let’s talk about the pig names first.  Practical Pig, Fiddler Pig and Fifer Pig.  Really?   Did you know that they even had names?  Couldn’t come up with something unique like Bacon, huh?  Ham, Sushi and Maxwell were taken?

So Fiddler Pig plays the fiddle and Fifer Pig plays the flute.  – puts my hoove to my head – how original.  They went the cheap way and made their houses of straw and sticks.  They did it quickly so they could play their lovely musical instruments all day long.  What a party that must have been!

Then let’s discuss something that’s kind of ironical.  Did anyone else notice this scene in the movie?  Do you see “Father” in the photograph on the wall?  Really?  Mr. Disney bravo to you for having such a wicked sense of humor.  Goodness, it took me almost 3 times watching to catch this.  I asked mom what did it mean?  Was that their father?  I didn’t quite understand.  Mom said that when I got older she would explain.  Translation – it’s something bad.

Leave it to Practical Pig to build his house of brick.  He tried to warn his two little brothers who wanted to play all day but they didn’t listen.  They went on with their little jamboree while Practical Pig spent the extra money and time and built for the future not for the moment.Then enter the big bad wolf.  Practical Pig tried to warn Fiddler and Fifer Pig but they didn’t want to listen.  That big bad wolf puffed and huffed and blew the house of sticks and house of straw down.  What did the brothers do?  Run to brother’s house to have him save them.  Of course, Practical Pig *always* has an exit plan.  Big Bad Wolf didn’t want to listen and tried his best to get in the house finally thinking he had a way through the fireplace.  I bet he was surprised when he dropped in for dinner and HE was the dinner!

So bottom line on this story.  Apparently this big bad wolf didn’t meet my ancestors – PigBrutus, PigSpartacus and PigDynomite. They don’t put up with much bull from anyone. They learned from great, great, great, great Uncle PiggyJohnWayne.

So, do you see the story in a different light now?  Do you understand my thoughts?  What are your views?





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Dear Bacon

  Dear Bacon –  Get three of us they said.  We would all get along they said.  Brothers have a great bond together they said.  Yeah right.  Let me assure you though, the middle kid always gets picked on to the end of the days.  The first born is special and the last born is always the baby.  The middle kid – well they get it from both ends.  I should know.  That’s me in the tank.  Any suggestions?  Signed Stuck in the Middle

Dear Stuck in the Middle – WOW – that is a predicament to be in my friend.  Sometimes being stuck in the middle can be hard.  But you know what?  You gotta stand up for yourself, be strong and take charge.  Your brothers want to be stuffing you in the pot – well you might just need to stuff something in their beds – winks.  Or you can always leave a little puddle in the kitchen and accidentally blame them of course.  I’m just saying.  Stay safe okay.

Dear Bacon – My humans are the bomb.  They brought this box home for me and I was so excited.  That is until they started laughing and then took this picture of me.  I don’t get it.  Signed Grumps

Dear Grumps – Gulps.  Okay – trying to keep a straight face here.  It’s kind of hard to figure out why your humans would be laughing.  Really.  You are so beautiful and happy in your new found kingdom.  Shakes head – I just can’t imagine.  You just have fun in that little box and let your humans have their moment.

Dear Bacon –  My dad said walk and of course I was already at the door ready to go.  That’s when he did something to my back captains quarters.  I didn’t get it but I tell you something.  We met some of the happiest humans on our walk today.  Everyone was so nice and kept coming over to talk to us and pet me.  It was almost like I was a movie star or something.  So great.  Signed Happy

Dear Happy – I think it had to be your outgoing personality, how handsome you are and how you smile at everything that passes you by.  Yep, that has to be it.  Keep passing the happy along my friend!

Dear Bacon –  Oh dear doggy heavens my friend.  My human mom was in the bathroom doing her ‘nightly’ rituals.  I’m usually asleep when she does this but tonight I had stayed up.  OMD!  When she came out of the bathroom, I didn’t even recognize the alien that she had become.  She had green stuff all over her face, her hair was in some kind of sling and she was talking like a mummy.  Has your mom done anything like this before?  It was kind of scary.  I think I might have passed out.  Signed Passed Out

Dear Passed Out – Oh friend, the humans they call this beautifying.  I don’t get it either.  I mean, you wouldn’t see us putting that stuff on our faces.  Although one time, mom did talk dad into trying what she called a mud pack.  Shaking my piggy head – that did kind of look fun.  She told me it was similar to me playing in the mud in my backyard.  I was hoping dad would roll in the mud with me later but he didn’t.  Weird huh?


Dear Bacon – Sometimes when one has to wear the cone of shame, you just need a happy friend to help make the days go by faster.  I was feeling kind of down.  You can only imagine – you know people in the hood making fun of me, not being able to drink my water with this contraption on and just not being able to lick myself while wearing this cone.  That’s when my buddy Clampet came and napped with me.  Just for a few moments, life was normal again.  Signed Jedd

Dear Jedd – Hopefully your cone will only be temporary my friend.  And hey, don’t you care what others say about your cone of shame.  All of us have to wear it at least once in our lifetime.  You and your friend just continue bonding together and happy mending.

REMEMBER friends – Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please continue to send me your pictures and letters via my email.


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The BIG Announcement

 It has been so totally busy here lately at the Hotel Thompson.  We had the demolition and renovation.  We had the cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning from all of that.  We had new furniture and everything has been out of place – and we are *still* putting things back together.  Mommy really pushed herself too much during all of this time.  And THEN Bashful came home from his visit with Fozzie in Australia.  That’s when all hell broke loose.  Yep I said hell.  HELL broke loose here at the Hotel Thompson.  You don’t believe me do you?  Okay I’ll tell you.

Do you remember the first time Bashful went to Australia to spend some time with Fozzie and her anipals way back in December 2013?  You can read about some of that trip here.  I’m talking specifically about that trip when he made a movie called Rockodile Dundee co-starring Bimby.  Let’s just say that we thought some things got out of control with that bimbo – I mean co-star Bimby.

Well upon Bashful’s return trip to Australia in December 2014, he had some problems to take care of in the deepest forms.  You see, Bimby was pregnant after the making of the Rockodile Dundee movie.  Shocker huh?  Well she carried the baby for nine months and when Bashful returned to Australia, she said he was the rock daddy.  Now you can imagine Bashful’s shock from that. BUT, can you imagine the shock of Fozzie calling me (Bashful’s daddy) and explaining (A) Bashful was now a father and (B) I was now a grandfather?!  Oh dear piggy heavens – I can tell you that was one interesting phone call to say the least.

20140112-003228.jpgNot only was Bashful a father but Bimby was in trouble.  Bimby had started hitting the bottle – hard.  And she was letting herself go not taking care of the baby.  So what to do huh?  First things first.

Bimby went into rehab.  There was long conversations about what to do and the biggest thing was to put the baby first.  Of course a rock DNA was conducted just to make sure that Bashful was the father.  The results came back and they verified 99.9% that Bashful was the father.  Then Bashful and Bimby had a long talk about the welfare of the baby.  The baby was 3 months old and Bimby decided that she didn’t want to be a mother – she was to young to settle down.  And putting the best interest of the baby first, paperwork was drawn up by the attorney’s and Bashful now has custody of his son.

 So everyone here at the Hotel Thompson had to get everything ready for a new baby that would be soon arriving.  The nursery had to be set up, a pediarocktrician had to be lined up and of course everyone here had to be told what happened.  All of the rock clan were excited to have a new baby.  And I admit it.  I was rather excited to be a grandfather and to see my grandchild.  What would he look like?  What was his name?  Would he resemble us?  A lot of things were going through our minds.

Then the little tyke arrived here at the Hotel Thompson.  Oh my piggy heavens!  It was love at first sight with all of us.  The ooh’s and aaawws.  WOW!  So without further ado, let me introduce you to Chip.  Look at him!  How could we ever doubt his DNA?   He is quite the chip off the old block – you think?


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Prayers Requested – Please Reblog to Spread the News

Hello my friends.  Just wanted to post a quick note unrelated to my 31 days of Spook.  We just got back from vacation and read some really awful news.

Today, I want to speak about my brother Easy’s dad.  He is really sick and in the hospital.  Something happened completely out of the blue.  Please be sure to keep Easy’s dad and family in your prayers for a quick recovery.  And if you can, share this post on your blog.  The more people that know, the more prayer and healing vibes we can get their way.  And if you will, please visit Easy’s blog to send him and his family some well wishes.

And brother – you take care of yourself and your mom.  We are so praying your dad gets home soon.

We ❤ you!


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My Dad – The Superhero

WEEK No. 3

Okay friends – Christmas is coming up soon…for those counting 124 days – snorts.  Well my daddy, he is special – we all know that.  He loves his toys.  Literally, the man ❤ toys.  He and mom went to Wally World a couple of weeks back and the first place he goes is the toy section.  What can I say.  My father is a child at heart.  When they came back home, I found these pictures on mom’s iPhone.  OMP (Oh my pig) is all I can say… and maybe WOW.

My dad wants to be a superhero.  Now I know where I get those feelings from… I’ve always wanted to be Super Pig.  So I’m thinking that with Christmas coming up soon, I’m going to buy him a costume from me – his number one piggy son.  That’s where I need your help my friends.  In the next six weeks, I’m going to show you a picture that mommy took of daddy in the toy section.  At the end of six weeks, YOU can vote who my daddy needs to be and what I get him for Christmas.  Sounds fair to me, you?

Okay – this week’s picture – thoughts?  I can just hear daddy telling me, “Bacon, I’m your father” – snorts  It’s a cool mask.



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