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What? Really? No Way!

For Bashful’s birthday on Friday, mom/dad took him out to a local restaurant that has really awesome southern food.  He said that he was in desperate need for great food.

I tell you – in some ways that rock eats better than I do here.

In this picture, you can see that he ordered beef tips over rice, macaroni and cheese and sweet potato souffle.  Talk about southern comfort food huh?  Bashful said it was totally delicious and that he even licked his plate clean.  That’s my boy!

When Bashful came home, me and him had a heart to heart about some of his travels and his plans for the future.  That’s when he told me something that I couldn’t believe.  I think I actually fell over because it was totally unbelievable.  He told me a secret that I was shocked – astonished – I couldn’t fathom it to be true.  So I did what any piggy would do.  I ran to my mommy.

Mommy!  Bashful told me X-Y-Z.  Is it true?  My mom got this silly grin on her face and said, “It could be.”  WHAT?  I tell you I cried.  I literally cried like a little baby – look at this picture!

What the piggy heavens?  My friends.  You are so NOT going to believe this secret.  I’m dying to tell you but I can’t.  But Oh My Piggy Heavens.  You will absolutely WET yourself when you find out what it is.  Shaking my piggy head.  It’s like a dream come true.

So until I can tell you, you will just have to sit and simmer and hope that I don’t spontaneous combust from excitement.


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I Wonder


Mom just called me from the post office. I’m so excited. She finally mailed all of my packages today. There was EIGHT. Can you believe that?

EIGHT of my friends out there will soon be receiving something from this little oinker. Are you excited? I know I am. I can’t wait to see the smiles and hear the comments.

Evil snorts. That’s right. I said evil snorts. Some of you might not think the packages are so good once you see what is inside.

Now are you intrigued? Snorts.


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Name That Product/Company and/or Jingle! – Answers

 Edition 2 –


Here are the answers from yesterday – how many did you get right?



  1. We build excitement!  Pontiac
  2. American by birth, rebel by choice.  Harley Davidson
  3. When you care enough to send the very best.  Hallmark
  4. Something special in the air.  American Airlines
  5. Don’t leave home without it.  American Express
  6. The quicker picker-upper.  Bounty
  7. What’s in your wallet?  Capital One
  8. We answer to a higher authority.  Hebrew National
  9. 99.4% pure.  Ivory Soap
  10. Kid tested, mother approve.  Kix cereal

YAY!  We have two winners this week – way to go ya’ll!!  I know these stumped ya’ll for a while but you worked through them.  There will be another issue in the near future my friends!  Thanks for playing – XOXO – Bacon

Mardrag at


Easy at


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Name That Product/Company and/or Jingle!

 Edition 2 –


Everyone had such a great time last week with the first edition that I thought we would try it again.  This time, we are going a little harder 🙂

Let’s see how many you can get right.  Remember – don’t cheat.


  1. We build excitement!
  2. American by birth, rebel by choice.
  3. When you care enough to send the very best.
  4. Something special in the air.
  5. Don’t leave home without it.
  6. The quicker picker-upper.
  7. What’s in your wallet?
  8. We answer to a higher authority.
  9. 99.4% pure.
  10. Kid tested, mother approve.

Remember – have fun with it!  Answers will be posted tomorrow – XOXO Bacon


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Inner Peace Award – YAY

I’m so pigstatic! My friend Melody at gave me an award. Have I told you lately how much this little piggy loves awards? My tail is wagging so fast from being happy that I may take flight.  I’m especially ecstatic because I haven’t received this one yet – happy piggy dance!  Happy piggy dance! 



You must go and check out Melody’s blog.  Do you know that she has donkeys?  Not just any donkeys but a mammoth donkey and a mini donkey.  They are so cool!  And, it looks like she has so much fun with them.  She is a “donkey whisperer” like mommy is a “oinker whisperer”.  Be sure to give her a visit and tell her that Bacon sent you 🙂


There is only one rule when accepting this award.  When you pass the award on, please share some kind words with that person.  Simple enough, right?  The only hard thing is just picking a few people.  If it was up to me, I would pick ALL of my friends because ALL of you have touched me and my family with your friendship.

Your blog states “All about our truly best friend” and it’s right.  You are truly a great and wonderful friend to this little oinker.  I love your sense of humor – it reminds me so much of my own.  We are two happening four legged guys out for a great time in making our humans smile and laugh.  I think we both succeed.  Love you Easy!


Not only is there a barky thing, there’s a purr thing here too!  Their mom is so funny and wonderful.  And, she is smart!  She guessed my new game show Name that Business/Product in like 15 seconds flat.  That’s fast!  What’s the best thing – she loves ANIMALS – all of them… even this spoiled little oinker.  Love ya’ll Caren, Dakota and Cody!


WOW!  Sharon is super awesome.  She does what is called aussiegurumi.  That’s a big word for this little piggy so I’m going to tell you in my language what she does.  She does awestruck magic!  This past weekend she posted a 1/2 inch high picnic basket full of apples and a banana that she crocheted!  And she even included an ant because you know what picnic is without ants, right?  She is totally amazing.  And, rumor is she might be working on something to resemble this little rotten pig… just a rumor 🙂  Love you Sharon!


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The Versatile Blogger Award

YAY!  I’m happier than a pig rolling around mud on a warm day. 

I’m so excited to receive the The Versatile Blogger award from my friend over at You’ll have to go over and check them out.  They have everything and anything about country music – it’s a wonderful blog that I found when mom was sick a couple of weeks ago.  Check it out and tell them Bacon sent you 🙂



 The rules are to thank your nominator, list 7 things about yourself and pass the award onto other bloggers.  Simple enough, right?

So thanks to Peace, Love & Great Country Music for nominating little ole me – (hogs and kisses).  And now 7 things about myself.


  1. I’m more of an evening pig than a morning pig.  I like to get my sleep in the morning and during the day while mom is at the worky place.  That way I am fully awake for mommy/piggy time when she gets home. 🙂 smart huh?
  2. I don’t like it when my hooves don’t touch the floor.  I feel safe with all four hooves solid on the ground.  If they aren’t, I will squeal louder than a car alarm until they are. 
  3. I’m a little protective over my mom.  She likes to call me her watch pig – snort.
  4. I personally have a pet.  His name is Bashful and he is my pet rock.  And boy, can that rock talk! 
  5. I eat Cheerios for breakfast every morning with my pig chow.  What?  A pig has to stay heart smart too.
  6. I have my very own room at the Hotel Thompson.  It has all of my conveniences:  my bed, my laptop, my television, my potty pad.  Yep, I’m house trained 🙂
  7. I speak human.  I know when mom tells me to go get ready for bed, go to the kitchen, sit on the sofa, etc.  I’m very fortunate that she also speaks pigs 🙂

My nominations:

Congratulations my friends.  Love you all.  Hogs and Kisses – Bacon


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Aaww The Perfect Weekend

I absolutely adore weekends like this past one. A good weekend is always a weekend that I can have a lot of my moms time. Don’t get me wrong, I get to snuggle with mom during the week. But, on the weekends there are longer snuggles. And, the room service is out of this world at the Hotel Thompson on the weekends – snort.

Friday night – mom lets me stay up later than usual to watch television with her and dad. Of course, I usually fall asleep while snuggling with mom on the couch. She swaddles me in my bankie… You know my king size Egyptian sheet. I love that sheet! It’s so soft. If I’m lucky, mom will pop popcorn on the stove for us. Usually after I eat my snack, then it’s our bedtime routine. I’ll go do my business while mom brushes her teeth. Afterwards, she tucks me into bed and reads me a bedtime story. Sometimes the bedtime stories are from my picture books and sometimes mom makes them up. I’ll have to share a story with you in a future blog.


Saturday/Sunday – room service for breakfast is always my piggy pellets and Cheerios. Then as mom does her chores around the house, I follow  her around helping, especially when she cleans my room. Usually she makes me help her pick up all of my toys and put them in my piggy toy box. Then when she collects all of the linens in my room, I help her in dragging a sheet to the laundry room. After all of my linens are washed and dried, I like to roll around in them while they are hot from the dryer. Mom usually laughs and lets me do it.



After all of the chores are done, it’s usually lunch time. On the weekends if I’m a good boy, mom makes me a piggy omelet with a side of piggy chow for lunch. Those are the best!!

Afterwards, we snuggle on the couch to watch some television. Of course, every other weekend after lunch, mom and dad go to the market to buy groceries. During that time, usually I will take a nap in my room. When they come home from the market, they will have some of the best goodies! I always look forward to something new mom is going to find for me at the market.

So you see, I love weekends with mommy. How was your weekend? XOXO – Bacon


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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

My piggy tail is wagging so much that I can’t contain it.  I am *that* excited.  I’m running around my room barking and I just have to get my thoughts together so I can hoove out this reply.  Dad heard me barking and had to come check on me.  When I told him about it, he was thrilled too!  He let me call mommy at the worky place to tell her about it.  She was so proud of her little oinker!

offriesandmen nominated little ole me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Can you believe that?!  I knew when they mentioned fries I was going to be in love with them.  Cause we all know – I love me some fries – snort.

Here’s the rules of the award. 

1.  Link back to the blogger who nominated you.  √

2.  Post the award image to your page.

3.  Share 7 facts about yourself.

4.  Nominate other blogs and inform them about it.



1.  I’m a huge snuggle pig.  Some people have lap kitties – mom has those too but she also has a lap piggie. 🙂 There is nothing more that I like to do than to snuggle with mommy.  It doesn’t matter where.  On the couch, in my bed, in her bed – anywhere.  At times, I still crawl up in her lap and she rocks me and sings me to sleep like she did when I was a baby. 

2.  Mom puts me to bed at night just like a child.  We go in my room, she sits with me and tells me a bed time story or sings to me.  Sometimes she rocks me and sometimes she tucks me in my bed for my story.  I’m an attention hog and this is something mommy has done since she adopted me at three weeks.  I know.  I’m spoiled like that at the Hotel Thompson.

3.  I have my own room at the Hotel Thompson.  In fact, it’s actually the master bedroom at the house – snort.  And trust me, I *know* it’s my room.  It has all of my stuff in it like my bed, my potty patch, my toys (which are somehow all shaped like pigs – figure that), a safety crate, my laptop and a flat screen television.  What?  A pig has to have entertainment. 

4. I love – let me change that – absolutely LOVE – all food.  Mom is forever letting me try all kinds of different things to expand my food experience.  There has only been one thing in my 15 months that I really do not like – Kumquats.  Kumquats are meant to be eaten skin and all.  When you eat them, you get kind of a sweet and sour taste.  Mom’s friend told her that her piggies love them.  Well, this little piggy didn’t care for the sweet and sour experience.  Of all of the times mom didn’t have a camera ready, she missed the best opportunity.  My ears went back so fast when I bit into one that I think I heard wind blow through them.  Shivers just thinking of it!

5.  I am a sucker for Animal Crackers.  I will do anything you want and say. 

6.  I speak human.  I have learned things over the months and know phrases like:  “Go to your room”; “Bedtime”; “Go potty”; “Get ready for bed”; “Get on the couch”; “Come here”; “Go see Daddy”; and “Don’t eat the cats” (this one is highly frowned upon in this establishment).  I also know how to play ball.

7.    With dad’s help, I call mommy at work every day at 3:00PM when I get up from my afternoon nap.  I think it helps mom get through the rest of her day.  Cause we all know, a happy mommy is a loving mommy!



This is hard!  There are *so* many people I want to mention.  So many people that support me.  So many people that I love!  This is a great blog about Cocco and his mom, Katie.  Cocco is a piggy like me only younger!  Some of the things he gets into – snort laughs.  I love that little guy!  This is the bomb!  Always posting about food – drool – I love these pictures!  My purr things are always stealing… I mean borrowing my laptop to check out this purr thing.  Do you know Sammy actually witnessed a murder outside?!  This is one my newer friends named Speedy.  He’s a male Himalayan Rex Rabbit.  I kind of relate to him.  I jump like a rabbit at times – LOL. 

There’s so many people that I can refer.  I hope that you check these out above.  They have really made a place in my little piggy heart.  Love to everyone and thanks again for nominating me.  I really appreciate it!!  Hogs and Kisses – Bacon 


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Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath –

This was one of my all time FAVORITE videos of me taking a bath. Notice me stomping my feet and blowing bubbles in the water. I love to do this! Mommy thought she would video tape me at bath time. There is absolutely NO privacy here at the Hotel Thompson. For goodness sake, I was in my birthday suit – snort chuckles.

When I’m done splish splashing and playing in the water, mom towels me down to dry me off.  This video that she took is priceless.  I don’t know who was more surprised – me or mom!

Hope you enjoy the video my friends! 


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