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Bashful is HOME!

Squeals with piggy excitement.  My son Bashful made it home last night from his latest field trip adventure.  We were so excited that we celebrated to the wee hours talking about his adventures at the nest with Evil Squirrel.  Lord help us,

I think he got an education in his travels this time.  His cute little smile doesn’t always get him out of his troubles.  And yes… he still slightly smelled of skunk gas.

He rambled on about his adventures and said that he was hungry.  So mom/dad took him out for pizza to get the 411 on some of the behind the scenes happenings that took place.  O.M.P.  Shaking my piggy head.  Sometimes what happens at the evil squirrel’s nest, stays at the evil squirrel’s nest.  That’s all I can say my friends.

BUT on the other hoof, I need to introduce you to the latest member of the Rock Clan here at the Hotel Thompson.  May I so introduce you to Sparkles.  Isn’t she pretty?  She has now taken residency on our fine rock couch in our living room.  It must have been a rough plane ride home because she left a pile of sparkles in the box.  But all is well now and she is fitting right in.

So my friends, please join us in saying hello to Sparkles.

And the Hotel Thompson wants to say thank you so much to  Evil Squirrel. for hosting our little guy in his latest adventure.  He had such a blast – and you were worried!  Snorts with piggy laughter.








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Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #229 — 9/15/16

Oh snap friends – Bashful made the nest comic… do you think he’s finally met his match? XOXO – Bacon

Evil Squirrel's Nest


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What’s In The Box?

Cough-snort-oink – guess where Bashful landed this time? Oh-la-la Let the party begin my friends! XOXO – Bacon

Evil Squirrel's Nest


APPLEJACK: Mail call!

SCRATCHY: Dafuq is this shit?

PRINCESS LUNA: Knowing the hideous squirrel who inhabits this house, it could be almost anything.  Viagra…. a bomb… Jimmy Hoffa’s body…

SCRATCHY: Dude, there might be some really nasty sex toys in here (I hope, I hope!)

TWILIGHT: Well, there’s no use taking wild guesses as to what this surprise is.  We need to open it!

AJ: Got that taken care of, Sugarcube!


Applejack proceeds to gnaw on the corner of the package

AJ: Mmmmm, this tastes better than envelope glue!

TWILIGHT: You know, silly filly, there’s a better way to open the box!

LUNA: Explosives?

SCRATCHY: Cuz I’m TNT!  I’m Dyno-mite!!!

TWILIGHT: No no no!  Evil Squirrel works at Mecca, and you know what all Mecca employees have!



TWILIGHT: Maybe…. but they also have box cutters!

LUNA: It’s a wonder our national security hasn’t been threatened already by this…

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Spotlight Thursday – Meet Ody

Spotlight Thursday

Welcome my friends to SPOTLIGHT THURSDAY.  This is the time that I will introduce you to one of my fellow anipals so you can get to know them better.  Some of them, you may already know.  We hope that you enjoy this new series!

Name:  Ody.  That’s pronounced “Oddy,” not like Garfield’s mutt.  Not that it matters to ES since he allows everyone at the vet’s office to call me Odie.  Of all the nice, perfectly good names to give a cute little kitty cat like myself, I get stuck with something nobody can pronounce right.

Age:  6 years and a handful of months, but who’s counting?  Not me, since I don’t get birthday parties or presents or anything like that to even know if I’m another year older or not.  Is anyone looking to adopt a sweet, cuddly, handsome tuxedo cat?  Preferably someone who enjoys spoiling princely felines like myself rotten?

Location:   ​Hell.  Well, that’s what I consider it to be.  I’m trapped here in this 5 room house, surrounded by squirrels who taunt me through the window, and only my stupid little step-brother Biskit to play with.  Not that he likes playing… if you want to talk to him, he’s probably hiding under the bed right now.

Web/Blog Page:  What web/blog page?  Nobody would even know about me if ES didn’t exploit my natural cuteness as a photo model to lure people into reading his hideous Evil Squirrel’s Nest: Evil Squirrel’s Nest  The only thing accurate about that blog is the word “Evil,” which is a good description of my keeper.  Well, that and this place is definitely a rat’s nest…  (Be sure to pop over and say hey – remember to tell Ody that Bacon and Houdini sent you.)

What were your first thoughts when you met your new parents?  Welcome to life without parole.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask Biskit what happens when you track cat litter through the house.  He had to spend time in THE BOX!  OK, so it’s really just a laundry hamper…

What was the defining moment when you knew you were in your forever home?  Probably the first time I saw the bars on the windows… the barbed wire fence outside the compound… the evil vacuum cleaner that’s used to keep me and Biskit in line.  I pretty much knew right then and there that I was never going to be leaving here again.

What has been your biggest “Oh no, now I’ve done it” moment so far in your home?   ​ES likes to keep important doors closed, like the one that goes from the kitchen into that place he parks his hideous car.  While he was asleep one day, I…. er, I mean Biskit managed to shimmy the door open, and you know… us cats being curious and all.  I just wanted to see what was outside of my normal boundaries.  So ES happens to wake up right then and sees me peeking inside the door from the garage.  Even my cutest, most innocent looking kitty face didn’t keep me from getting yelled at and having my cable TV privileges revoked.

 Who do you have wrapped around your paws more – mom or dad – and why?  ​I don’t really have a choice in the matter like most kittycats.  But if there’s anyone out there who would like to give me a different parent to like, and you know how to pull off a successful jailbreak, please send me a saw hidden inside of a cake!  Make sure the cake is chocolate, too…

What’s the biggest misconception that humans think about you?  That I apparently don’t deserve to be attended to any less than 24 hours a day.  Look at what I have to do to get some belly scratches from stupid ES…


Hope you enjoyed meeting my friend Ody – check back next week for another Spotlight edition!


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Evil Squirrels Nest 2014 Holiday Card

OMP (oh my pig!)  

I entered Evil Squirrel’s contest to win a hand drawn artwork for Christmas.  Every day for the past week, I’ve been going to the mailbox at the end of the drive to wait on the post man.  The first couple of days I met him, he jumped pretty high when he first saw me.  Maybe it was the snorting?  Maybe it was the fact that I was hiding behind a bush when he rolled up and jumped out at him?  I’m not really sure.  But since our acquaintance, we have been meeting daily for Christmas cards. I think he’s getting used to me now.

Well yesterday, I finally got my card – squeals!  I just *know* it will be worth a million catrillion dollars one day!  I’m such a lucky pig!  So friends, be sure to check out the other cards that were sent here.  And Evil Squirrel – you are the best – I have a piggy crush for sure!




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Elf on the Shelf Submissions – Voting Begins

Hello my friends.  As you know, I put together a contest for the adoption of a captured Elf on the Shelf that I have here at the Hotel Thompson.  My captured Elf is a distant relative of my Elf on the Shelf – Don Juan.  Although they are relatives, who knows how the captured Elf will act once he is released and gets his powers the day after Thanksgiving.

We thought here at the Hotel Thompson, we would have a contest to see who would like to have the captured Elf.  Your mission was to send me an email of why you should have him in your house.  I got several submissions and we thank you for them.  Today, I’m going to highlight the submissions we have received.

Submission 1 – Evil 

Submission 1 comes from my friend Evil Squirrel.  WOW.  That’s really a lot in that WOW.  He didn’t email a request.  Instead he did a blog about why they deserve the Elf at the Evil Squirrels Nest.  You can read all about it here.  Some of his favorite tenants on his shelf to include: Swing Squirrel, Rain Gauge Skunk, Buster Possum, Snuggle Bear and others you have to read to believe voiced their opinions about the Elf.


Submission 2 – Sammy

Submission 2 comes from Sammy.  Get your Kleenexes my friends.  This is what Sammy and his mom sent:

“Dear Cousin, well I think you’ve come up with a pawsome contest and OF COURSE I have to enter – what self-respecting Cousin wouldn’t enter his Cousin’s contest anyway?  Huh???  HUH?????

 So, why should I win?  What can I do to make my very own Elf on the Shelf “at home” here with my folks and me?  Well, it’s simple really.   My Mom is pawsitive that elves do exist – for real.  They live in the woods and we can hear them talk about us when we go down into our woods for walks…….I get glimpses of them down there too.  We just know that we could give one of them (the one you’ve got trapped in a box right now) a good home INSIDE our house instead of outside with those other elves.  He could sit inside in the nice warm house (or cool house in summer) and make faces at the others who are jealous of him living in the lap of luxury (or shelf of luxury).
I’ve had a rough time lately with my thyroid mess so I’m going to play the “poor pitiful me” card here and say I deserve the elf because I’m old, tired, and taking medication that makes me sleep all the time – when I open my eyes up I’d like to see a happy little elf staring back at me.  Yep – that’s the truth of the matter…….I just think he’d make a fun friend for me in my retirement years.  Now get out your hanky and blow your snout – I know I’ve got you in tears right about now………….HAHAHAHAHAHA
Hugs, Sammy the Elderly.  Here’s the woods where the other elves live.  They spy on us all the time!  You can’t see them but they’re there!  Trust me on that!
Submission 3 – Sue Brandes with Katsrus 
Can you say aaww – look closely at the box my friends.  This is what Sue says in her email:
“t gets pretty nosy when the lights go out here at night. I think my kitties are up to something they don’t want me to know about. When I get up to look everyone is always sleeping and acting all innocent. As soon as I lay back down I hear stomping and running around. I really need someone who could spy on them for me and tell what they are doing? Or is it something else and not the cats? I did catch this but; all I could see was a box. Can you see anything?”
Submission 4 – Samuel and Wallace
Okay – My friends Wally and Samuel sent this heart tugging email you have to read.
“So even though WE are sending this submission we need you to know that it is actually for our mom…you see mom is a Christmas FREAK! She LOVES Christmas like no-one else in our family. Now living in South Africa means that we don’t really get to have the full Northern Hemisphere Christmas experience. For starters Christmas time is summer time here in South Africa so no white Christmas for us. Also, we don’t have Elf on a Shelf here in SA. In fact mom only learnt about Elf on a Shelf 2 years ago when she joined Pinterest and started coming across all these pins dedicated to little the guy and the mischief he gets up to. Now we can assure you that if you were to send us one of your Elves he would be the ONLY Elf on a Shelf to be getting up to mischief in the WHOLE of South Africa…let us repeat that…THE. WHOLE. OF. SOUTH. AFRICA. Put another way, WE NEED A SOUTH AFRICAN ELF ON A SHELF (pleeeeease).   Ok, so we’re gonna let you ponder our pitiful plea and we’re keeping our paws crossed that you and your readers will take pity on our mom and grant her this special Christmas wish…an Elf on a Shelf of her very own.  BIG licks your pals,  Wally & Sammy
Submission 5 – The Pigs
Another heart tug in the right direction from my friends The Pigs (Dusty, Billy, Pip and Cocoa).  Here’s what they had to say in their emotional email:
“It wasn’t very long ago that whee began to muse on the thought of not only being a pet, but having one too. Whee piggies know very well how to BE pets but whee’ve never actually had the chance to look after a little chap or chap-ess of our very own. Of course our ‘one’ couldn’t be any old Tom, Dick or Harry. After putting our heads together whee decided that whee would need somebody very special to be our own.Then came the thought: what if it wasn’t a pet? What if it was a little terror that ran around and tried to eat all our veggies! For a while whee squabbled over this then Cocoa pointed out that whee share the hoomans veggies for don’t they eat carrots too – all chopped up and boiled though, yuck! So whee promptly decided that whee wouldn’t mind that either. There were many questions that whee had to discuss:

  • Would whee be able to afford it? (Luckily Mop has a wealth of Carrot Coins so whee’re safe there.)
  • Exercise? (Pip is a mad house. He really could use something, or someone, that can help him to work off all those beans with a walk each day, or perhaps a kick-a-bout of a football.)
  • What would our pet eat?
  • Where would it stay?
  • Would whee be good pet owners?

Each question whee slowly went through, making sure that whee would fully be able to provide for our little friend. In the end, whee decided that whee would be able to for whee have been shown lots of love and have had a good example with which to pass on.  Then was the biggest dilemma. Who would whee like to give a home too?  Whee searched website after website after website. Then whee came across a little elf. A little chubby cheeked elf with bright eyes and a funny little smile. Could he be the one?

In order to stand a chance of giving him a home whee need to explain to you, Bacon, why whee would be a good home to such a little chap.  Guinea-pigs, as a breed are very social animals. Out in the wild whee live in small groups and here, in captivity, whee like to have at least one cagemate though some places have many! Here there are only six of us. Whee have been thinking and have decided that whee would like to expand our group. Upon adopting this cheeky chap, if whee are chosen, whee promise to embrace him into our home. Our bed will be his bed. Our food, his food. Whee are ready to take on a little friend and, after many long months of preparation have finally, hopefully, made our decision. It was a hard choice to make, there were so many choices from fae to fairies and pixies but now whee really believe that this little elf is the one for us!

Now a little bit about our family. Whee range in age from five years to only 4 months old. This means whee have a range of different skills. Mop is retired from her job now but does enjoy going to the local Little Library where she reads books to all the pups, kittens and other baby animals that come there regularly. She also knits a range of different clothing and objects for a range of different reasons.

Dusty is an astronomer. He spends a lot of time gazing up at the stars. You might think that this would make him distant but it his income and Mop’s former income that has provided us with the means to look after our little boy, or girl.

Billy is a sportsman. He plays an attack position in the local rugby team, the Peel Pigeons. This has turned him into a very dedicated individual. Despite this he is very gentle, as was demonstrated when his young friend, Cupcake, gave birth to her children. He was very happy to babysit, showing how patient and caring he is. (Plus, he enjoys the games that children like to play – such as throwing a ball around!)

Pip is a children’s entertainer. He dresses up as clowns, knights, dragons, lions. This little ginger pig is perfect to help our elf, should we be allowed to have him, develop his imagination. Whee really do want to give him the best start in life. Nothing will be too good for our little boy!

Cupcake is a teacher at the local primary school which Cupcake now attends. She works there part-time as she is also a house wife and needs to be there for her young daughter, Cocoa.

Cocoa will be the friend to the little chap. Whee hope her and him will have a fantastic relationship!

So, here it is. Our petition to you. Whee hope that whee have answered all your questions and if a more suitable home is found for him, whee will continue our hunt for a pet. Our decision is made and we’ll make sure that some little chap or chap-ess, somewhere, will get a new start in our home.”



You’ve read all of the submissions.  Now it’s time for *you* to judge and post your vote.  The winner will be announced at a later date.  Who do YOU think the captured Elf needs to go and live with for his adventures?  NOTE:  Voting will end midnight on Wednesday, September 10, 2014.  This gives everyone plenty of time to post their submissions on their blogs and encourage voting.  Good luck my friends – let the voting begin!



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Dear Evil Squirrel – Special Edition

This week we have a Special Edition of Dear Bacon.  This week my good friend Evil Squirrel is going to fill in for me.  Be sure to visit him and let him know what a wonderful job he did my friends!



Dear Evil Squirrel,
Sshh – don’t tell the owner. She hasn’t had her eyes checked in some time and still thinks I’m her kitty. I have it made until she gets new glasses. Any suggestions on how to maintain this trick? Signed Kitty in Disguise

Dear Kitty in Disguise,  I have to commend you for pulling the wool over the human’s eyes using nothing more than a cheap eye mask.  I thought that stuff only worked in Bugs Bunny cartoons.  If you’ve managed to fool her for this long, I think you can probably succeed over the long haul.  Just remember to keep sulking and taking 23 hour long naps like every other kitteh does so she doesn’t get suspicious.  Oh, and keep the rabies to yourself… you may be able to fool your owner, but I don’t think your local animal control officers are gonna buy that disguise.




Dear Evil Squirrel,
Hey when the humans are away the snake will play. I got hungry for a hot pocket. What I learned though was I need some fingers. Any suggestions? Signed Hotss Pocketss

Dear Hotss Pocketss,  I will personally unwrap and microwave all of the Hot Pockets you want at your request.  All I ask in return is that you don’t get hungry for something exotic like…. oh… squirrel.  You’re not a tree climbing snake, are you?  That picture is going to give me nightmares for the rest of my life!




Dear Evil Squirrel,
You may enter and use my throne. Make it quick though. I have plans to make and households to overtake. Signed King George

Dear King George,  Bad kitteh!  Bad!  Do your humans perch themselves on top of your litter box and watch as you do your business?  The bathroom is the most important room in the house to two-footers, and I fear that is one throne you are going to be forced to abdicate.  Besides, you don’t really want to be hanging around when your subjects are parting with that chili they had for dinner.




Dear Evil Squirrel,
Me up to no good? Surely you are joking. What would give you that kind of idea that I’m into trouble? Signed Smirky

Dear Smirky,  Up to no good?  Ha!  We squirrels know a thing or two about being up to no good, and I can assure you, the perfect “up to no good” face looks a lot more dastardly than that.  No, I just assumed you found your human’s bottle of Prozac and helped yourself to some happiness.  I know saying a dog looks happy seems to be pretty redundant, but you seem to be what my good pal George Carlin liked to call “more than happy”.  When Edie Brickell sung about a “smile on a dog,” she had to be thinking of you!  Keep smiling, Smirky.  Keep smiling…




Dear Evil Squirrel,
Darn those ghosts! I’m so close to getting a high score on Pac Man. I know I can do it. Have you played? Signed Wonka Cat

Dear Wonka Cat,  I was quite the video gaming expert back in my day.  I spent more acorns than I care to think about outrunning ghosts, leaping barrels, shooting aliens, and blasting centipedes.  At least you have the luxury of unlimited continues, so all I can say is keep practicing.  And if Pac Man gets too frustrating, switch to Super Mario Brothers and take it out on the turtles.




Thank you so much to my good friend Evil Squirrel  for stepping in for me this week.

Remember my friends – this Dear Bacon issue can’t happen without YOU.  Keep sending your pictures and questions to me at


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The Imagine Unicorn Award

I am honored and so well…speechless (which is rare for this little oinker).  I have been bestowed the The Imagine Unicorn Award from my friends over at  Thank you so very much!  I love awards and I love unicorns – what a match for me!  In fact, I secretly believe I have an unicorn in my magical back yard that poops the rainbow.  Sshh – don’t tell anyone, everyone will want one!

 With everything being kind of crazy here at the Hotel Thompson for October, I have my little head deep in research for my 31 Days of Spook and missing mom/dad with their vacation.  They gave me this award on Sunday and I just don’t know what to say but thank you!

The Imagine Unicorn Award was created “in order to recognize the bloggers who express their passion and dedication towards their blogs through their creativity”.  It has six basic rules…. thankfully none of which involve answering any silly questions….

  • Copy and paste The Imagine Award into your post. – check did that.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog page to your post. – check did that.
  • List 3-5 things about the nominator’s blog that you like (which you think are very creative). – see below 🙂
  • Nominate 5 other bloggers/blogs which you think display a fantastic use of creativity and imagination. – see below 🙂
  • Notify your nominees. – check will do
  • Display The Imagine Award on your blog’s award page. – check did that

There’s a lot that I can say about evilsquirrelsnest.  First off, it’s highly original.  Who knew that squirrels could be so popular and lovable?  We at the Hotel Thompson think about evilsquirrelsnest often…especially with having that pesky Journalist Rocky the Squirrel in our magical backyard always knocking on the door for a cup of nuts – snorts.  Bill’s cartoons are a hoot, always makes us smile and even makes us ponder things at times.  Whenever daddy is feeling down, he *always* goes to evilsquirrelsnest to make him smile.  It’s just the way it is.  In fact, I’ve even told some of my skype friends about the nest – it’s a must read.  And mom, well she kind of basks in the posts from times of way back when.  Snorts – it’s a hoot down memory lane my friends.  Thank you so much for the kind gesture of thinking of this little oinker with this award.  I’m touched.  

My nominees (in no particular order) – please accept my friends 🙂

  1. Easy at His mom and dad remind me a lot about my mom/dad.  In fact, I think they are brothers/sisters from a different mother on the other side of the earth – snorts.  They are all tossed a little… I think in a good way.
  2. Chloe at Come on – Chloe is a cow that travels and has field trips.  It reminds me so much of my Bashful!  And Chloe if you’re reading this and you should be – snorts – I didn’t get your email yet 😦 Send it to me at okay.  You KNOW what it’s about.
  3. Hitchens at What?  Come on – he’s an oinker like me.  You gotta love the originality of another pig and his life – snorts.
  4. Lori at Ducks – that’s right I said it – ducks.  And might I add, beautiful pictures and a friend from Sleepy Hollow 😉 winks
  5. Fozzie at I absolutely could not have a listing with my pal Fozzie from down under.  She always wishes me good night and I try to do her as well.  She tells tales of her animals – including gators, lizards oh my! She is a hoot of a friend and we loves her here at the Hotel Thompson.  In fact, we love all of our friends so much!!

Enjoy your award my friends – everyone deserves it!


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

Lots of times when the humans go to work, I just have a lazy day.  I will go out back, climb into the little fabric thingy and take a siesta.  It’s actually very comfortable.  Have you ever tried this?  Signed, Sleepy Pooch

Dear Sleepy Pooch,

It actually does look most comfortable.  I’ve never seen one in real life – just on the net and television commercials.  You can’t really hang one in the house cause you know I’m anti-nature boy right now.  I’m working on that though in therapy.  I’ll keep you posted about my future endeavors with that fabric thingy.




Dear Bacon,

There is *nothing* like hanging in the bed of a pick up truck, going fast and feeling the wind pass your face giving you this special look.  When dad says, “Let’s go for a ride”, I’m there in the back of the truck before he can unlock it and buckle in.  You’ve gotta get over this nature anxiety and try this.  It’s a hoot!  It’s kind of like the amusement park Six Flags for dogs 🙂  Signed, Wind in my Face

Dear Wind in my Face,

Well my friend, that is quite the look you have there.  I kind of like it.  It does look refreshing and I have to admit that it does kind of look fun.  I’m all for a little excitement in life.  Maybe once I’m done with my therapy, I’ll give it a shot!




Dear Bacon,

Don’t judge.  It’s hard work to maintain this alluring and sexy look.  You should know all about hard work in maintaining your excellent physique.  Signed Curlers

Dear Curlers,

No judgement here my friend.  You look kind of cute with those pink things in your hair. 




Dear Bacon,

Last night, we took your advice and watched one of your paranormal ghost shows that you talk about at times.  Oh dear Lord – those things are scary!  I was trying to cover my buddies eyes so he wouldn’t see the worst parts.  I don’t know how we made it through the entire show.  Of course, afterwards we had to sleep with the lights on.  How do you watch these things little pig??  Signed Scaredy Clan

Dear Scaredy Clan,

You poor things.  I usually watch them with my mom.  Did you two watch them all by yourselves?  Bless your little hearts.  You *have* to watch them with the humans.  That way they shield you from all of the scarey moments.




Dear Bacon,

My friends are really mean squirrels. We all decided to play hide and go seek in the neighborhood.  I jumped up, closed my eyes and began to count nuts to 20 thinking that everyone would be hiding.  What I didn’t know was that instead of hiding, they all surrounded me and watched me counting nuts.  One of them actually took this picture and has spread it all over the internet – the nerve!  What’s a little guy to do my friend?  Signed Cheated

Dear Cheated,

One word – Retaliation.  I can hook you up with two of the finest – Journalist Rocky the Squirrel and Evil Squirrel here on WordPress.  They can help you come up with the best way to get back at those tricky little friends of yours.  Hey – it’s all fun and games, right?


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