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What the Piggy Heavens is This?!

  Okay.  I’m going to be first and tell you I don’t get this.  I really don’t get this.  I’ve heard mom and dad talk about it but until I saw it for myself – shakes piggy head – I just don’t get it.  Me and mom went for a ride in the Smart car and we are riding down the boulevard coming home.  We got stopped at the stop light and mom sees this.  Now trust me, that woman is faster with the camera than I am and she was able to snap a picture.

The guy was walking funny and that was what got both of our attention.  He wasn’t ‘walking’, he was wobbling down the street.  Shuffling back and forth to keep his pants up that were somewhere at the top of his knees.  Strange behavior for a human is what I’m saying.  Then, he tried – and I stress TRIED – to step up on the sidewalk.  What the cream cheese!  That my friends was the funniest sight this piggy has ever imagined or seen.  He couldn’t do it!  He had to literally bend over, hold his pants up and then step up.  Really?

Now me and mom just couldn’t wait to get home and tell everyone about this character.  It was too funny.  I’m so glad mom got a picture because no one would believe this.  *This* is suppose to be the ‘in’ thing to do – the style of the young peeps.  They can have it.  If I had jeans down pass my knees, snorts – I would be rolling places myself.

And of course when mom and dad started talking about it, you wouldn’t believe some of the things that were said.  Never fear though because this little oinker was taking notes. You’re welcome 🙂

  • IF your pants are so low that you have to bend over to hold them up while stepping up, then PULL THEM UP.
  • IF your pants are so low that people see more crack out of your back end than on the streets, then PULL THEM UP.
  • IF your pants are so low that little old ladies mistaken your crack as an ATM machine, then PULL THEM UP.
  • IF your pants are so low that your ‘equipment’ in the front needs an umbrella as to not get wet when it is raining, then PULL THEM UP.

What happens if he has to run?  And you know what.  I would love to meet the person that started this…. and slap him with one of my hooves.

Have you seen this ‘swag’ in your area.  Comments?


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