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Can You Believe It’s Been an Entire Year

IMG_0320.JPGOne year ago, my little brother Houdini came to live with us here at the Hotel Thompson.  At that time, he was a 12 week old Yorkshire Terrier.  Snorts – we learned real quick that Terrier really means TERROR.

In this picture, he didn’t even weigh 1 pound yet.  For the first six months that we had him, I didn’t even think he had legs because he got carried everywhere by mom or dad.  Must have been the life, huh?

And he would fall asleep everywhere and anywhere.  Mom said that because he was growing like the little weed he is.

He plays hard.  He sleeps hard.  We’ve come a long way in his first year.  Clothes, birthday parties, groomers, play dates.  And I have to admit that the little guy has grown on me.  He is no longer just 1 pound.  I’m happy to report that he goes between 5.5 to 6 pounds – depends on what he eats that day – snorts.  For a poochie, he’s not bad.  I can’t imagine life here at the Hotel Thompson without him.

Do you remember how he got his name Houdini?

Mom and dad put him in his crate in their bedroom and went to the pet store to pick up some supplies for him.  When they came home, he had escaped out of his crate and was wondering around their bedroom.  Mom said he was a cute little escape artist therefore Houdini stuck.  Personally I don’t think mom shut his crate all the way.”

I leave you with his very first video that mommy made the day he came here.  Enjoy my friends and let’s take the time to tell Houdini WELCOME and Happy Anniversary.




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I Have GIANT News For You My Friends

Happy Monday my friends!!  I hope everyone had the bestest of time and if you were off yesterday – had a wonderful LONG weekend.  If you read my blog Saturday, you read that it was International Bacon Day.  A day all to me – happy piggy dance.  Mom got up and fixed me piggy pancakes and we played for the longest time.  We even snuggled on the sofa for a while watching television.  I should have know something was up.  Mom was happy like normal but it seemed like her and dad were talking in ‘code’.  You know the one my friends.  Lots of winks, nudges and spelling out words.  What they don’t understand though is that I can spell some things.  I knew that b.a.b.y. meant baby.  Of course, I assumed they were talking about me or maybe Mouse Girl, the only girl purr thing here at the Hotel Thompson.  Around noon, mom and dad said they were picking up Nana for a field trip.  That’s not out of the ordinary.  They go off at times to play.  But you see my friend, this is where my day took a twist of a different kind.

IMG_0320.JPGDo you remember me telling you last week that mom’s biological baby clock was ticking like a TIME BOMB?  Well, it exploded Saturday.  See the evidence to the left?  This is my new brother.  Yep.  I said new brother.  May I please introduce to you Houdini who is a 12 week old Yorkshire Terrior.  He’s full blooded – whatever that means.  I mean, aren’t we *all* full blooded?  But mommy and daddy says that means something and that he has papers.  Shakes my piggy head.  I don’t understand that part at all?  I have papers.  I used them to wizzle on sometimes – snorts.  Not such a big deal to me.  I still don’t get that.  If you understand it, please explain it to me my friends okay.

I bet you are wondering how the little tyke got such a big name like Houdini aren’t you.  Well, mom and dad are crating the little guy.  And I say little and mean LITTLE.  He doesn’t even weigh a pound yet.  Shakes piggy head.  Strange little fury guy.  But anyway I digress.  Mom and dad put him in his crate in their bedroom and went to the pet store to pick up some supplies for him.  When they came home, he had escaped out of his crate and was wondering around their bedroom.  Mom said he was a cute little escape artist therefore Houdini stuck.  Personally I don’t think mom shut his crate all the way.

I’ve met the little guy as daddy calls him with love.  He’s a lot of fun.  I think when he gets bigger – snorts – he’ll be a great friend.  Mommy says that ‘bigger’ means probably no more than 10 pounds. Can you imagine that?  And trust me, he’s a tough guy.  That’s what I ❤ about him.  Well that he’s tough and that he chased Mouse Girl down the hall and under mom/dad’s bed yesterday – snorts.  He may be small but he’s not afraid of anything.  Maybe mom and dad should have named him Killer?

And he’s full of puppy spirit.  He plays hard but he also sleeps hard.  He fits right in here with all of us.  Mom took this video of him being spunky.  I hope you enjoy it my friends.

Oh and P.S.  Daddy says that his roots may be from Yorkshire, England but he thinks he’s got some French in him too.  Why do you ask?  Because he likes to French kiss – snorts you have to be careful because he will give you some tongue with his puppy kisses.




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Bacon’s Tales of Terror

Welcome back my friends to Bacon’s Tales of Terror on this 13th of the month.

Today, I want to talk about superstitions – that’s great for a 13th posting isn’t it?  Snorts.

Did you know that back in the day, breathing ‘in’ was interpreted as breathing in life while sneezing was interpreted as a swift exit of your essence or soul.  If your soul left your body through a sneeze then you would die without your soul.  This was the basis for further superstitions about sneezing throughout the centuries.

Do you tell people that sneeze, “God Bless You?”  This is actually a practice that is practiced all over the world and dates back to February 16, 590 AD.  Pope Gregory the Great decreed that prayers must be said to fight against a deadly plague in Italy at that time.  The plague was associated to be fatal by those who sneezed.  Telling someone, “God Bless You”, after they sneezed would protect people from the effects of the plague.

Saying, “God Bless You” can also be linked to around 1665 during the black plague in Europe.  Violent sneezing with the black plague was the sign of the end of the disease and death was certain to follow.  The pope made it a law so those that sneezed would be blessed due to their soon-to-be death.  It was also during this time that cover one’s mouth with their hand or cloth was put into place in order to stop the spread of further diseases.

In 17th century England if someone sneezed, people around them would remove their hats, curtsy or bow and wish them, “God Bless You”.  In the 1800’s in England, this poem came out:

Sneeze on Monday – sneeze for danger.  

Sneeze on Tuesday – kiss a stranger.  

Sneeze on Wednesday – sneeze for a letter.  

Sneeze on Thursday – something better.  

Sneeze on Friday – sneeze for woe.  

Sneeze on Saturday – a journey to go.  

Sneeze on Sunday – your safety seek – for Satan will have you for the rest of the week!

There is good luck also associated with sneezing:  if you sneeze between noon and midnight; if the family cat sneezes; if two people sneeze at the same time; if you sneeze twice in a row; or if you turn your head right when you sneezed.

But there’s also bad luck associated with sneezing:  if you sneeze in the morning while getting dressed; if you turn your head left while sneezing; if you sneeze three times in a row and someone is talking bad about you while sneezing four times is the sign of a cold.


Contributions to the Psychic Library on this information on sneezing superstitious.


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