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Bacon’s Show and Tell

Bacon’s Show and Tell – This month we are highlighting embarrassing Christmas stories.  There wI’ll always be the story of daddy buying mom the endless love jewelry collection and wrapping it over and over box within box upwards twenty times.  Thank goodness dad didn’t learn of the Saran Wrap wrapping method.  Have you heard of it? You wrap the presents however many times and then proceed to wrap an entire box of Saran Wrap around the package.  Yeah – mom would have hurt him.  

But I digress.  I think one of the funniest things was mom taking these pictures of dad without him knowing it n a restaurant.  I would say the were priceless.  What do you think?



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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,
Climb into the bottle they said. It would be funny they said. My brothers really got me into trouble on this one. Getting in was easy. Getting out took the firemen. Do your siblings get you in trouble? Signed Puss in Bottle

Dear Puss in Bottle,
WOW. That is such an amazing thing. I’ll have to remember that for Mouse… I mean I’ll have to keep in mind that she doesn’t do that for me. That’s it. We all play around but we haven’t done anything that severe to each other. Take care my friend and remember that just because your head can fit doesn’t mean you need to squeeze your body within.

Dear Bacon,
We absolutely love the movie Titanic. It’s so heartbreaking but it’s a wonderful love story. Do you have any movie that is your particular favorite?
Signed Jack and Rose


Dear Jack and Rose,
Aaww so cute. I have several favorites. I especially like College Road Trip and Charlottes Web. Take care my new friends.




Dear Bacon,
I’m a hard working pooch. Other pets look me up in the neighborhood when they’re friends go missing or owe them bones. If you ever need help, look me up. Signed, Dog the Original Bounty Hunter


Dear Dog,
I’m impressed, real impressed. I’ll keep your business card in my rolodex just in case I ever need it. Thank and happy hunting.



Dear Bacon,

We got pranked and busted. It’s not what it looks like – really. We were set up and my sister took the picture. Now she’s making Christmas cards out of it. What are we to do? Signed Busted


Dear Busted,
I say wear it because no one is going to believe it otherwise. Let people be jealous. Way to go little man!




Dear Bacon,
One swine to another, do you think my ears are big? Others on the farm make fun of them. I’m not sure why. It’s not like I can fly or anything. Signed Timothy

Dear Timothy,
Compared to a lot of things, no your ears are not big. They look to be adequate compared to your size. Don’t worry what others say my friend. They’re just jealous.

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