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That’s Okay – I’ll Pass

Oh my!  I had the worse nightmare last night.  I dreamed that mom/dad took me to the beach with them.  I was so excited that my little tail wouldn’t stop swinging back and forth.  We took the little car Albert and I stayed in the back the entire ride down – this was all good.

We got to the beach and they walked me down this long pier.  It was wonderful.  It was a little cool outside so mom put one of my sweaters on me.  It was also bright and sunny so mommy made me wear my shades.  People were stopping and talking to us.  They just couldn’t believe I was an oinker.  I don’t understand why not.  I’m domesticated and educated.  I know how to behave myself.  They petted me and we got to the end of the pier.  It was beautiful.  The water was glistening from the sun and it was awesome.  I kept begging mommy that I wanted to put my hooves in the water so we walked back down the pier to the sandy beach.

This is where the dream turned drastically.  There were humans on long boards out in the water.  It looked like they were walking on the waves.  Mom said they were surfing.  It was cool and looked like a lot of fun.  One of the guys asked if he could take me out and would I stay on the board.  I begged and begged – snorted and snorted until mom caved.

Shivers…. this is what happened next – screams!

I’m going to rethink watching these scary movies late at night before going to bed.  Shivers.


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Wish Me Luck – More Interviews


Okay – I’m going to have my extra cute on for Sunday.  Just like in this picture, I can’t be nice too.  Just look closer, I let Hemi sleep on top of me.

Mom says I have to bring out all of the stops for hopefully what will be the last interviews Sunday.  There are two scheduled.  Please wish me luck and send every possible good vibe my way.  I gotta find someone.

Mom told me to list the points I wanted in a pig sitter so I thought I’d give a shot.

  • Nice personality.
  • I would prefer a woman but the right man would do.
  • Loves pigs.  This is a must.
  • Will love on me.  This means cuddles on the sofa, keeping me warm and rubbing my belly and back.
  • Knows how to tell a bedtime story.  What?  This is highly important to my list since mommy does it every night.  And might I add, don’t forget my strawberry on my pillow.
  • Knows how to cook an awesome spinach omelet… or pancake.  This is what I get on the weekends.  Salads are easy enough to throw together and who can mess up my Cheerios for breakfast?  OOOHH, and don’t forget one that knows how to pop popcorn the old fashioned way – the way that was meant to be on the stove without burning it.  eeww – no one wants burned popcorn.
  • Someone that kind of keeps to the television schedule that dad has accustomed me to during the week.  Not a high demand because I can always go to my room and use my own television but that cuts out on some snuggle time.


These aren’t ‘high’ demands.  I mean, mom/dad are paying them to take care of and be my beck and call sitter, right?  So basically you’re telling them it’s all about this domesticated down to earth highly educated oinker, right?  Let’s just hope they look at the situation the same way as me – snorts.

I’ll keep you posted.  Keep your fingers, paws and hooves crossed for me.


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