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Paw Time with Houdini

Hello dear friends – welcome to the end of another week here at the Hotel Thompson.  There’s been a lot going on here at the crib.  Let’s see… first off mom was feeling a little down over last weekend until the beginning of this week.  Personally we all think she was doing too much – that’s why we haven’t visited a lot of blogs this week.  But she has been a bit better in the past couple of days – that’s great!

And her and dad both have been doing really, REALLY good on their new way of eating.  I’m highly impressed with their dedication this week.  Hopefully they will continue… let me rephrase that.  This weekend I will be on them like a shadow to make sure they continue.  What?  Someone has to inspire them, right?

And this is a picture of me playing with one of my all time favorite toys – you do remember Pirate Chicken #3, right?  Barks – daddy tells me I’m choking my chicken every time I make it squeak.  I’m not sure what’s so funny about that but when he says it, he and mom bust out laughing.  Shaking my puppy head – I don’t get it.

But never fear, I leave you today with Jokes with Dad.  Hope you enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!


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My Mom Needs a Whip

That’s right – I said it.  Mom needs some accountability.

She’s struggling at most these days with this entire life change of eating.  Personally, I think YOU my friends can help.  I think mom needs to write about her struggles here on Mondays – you know after the long weekend – for some kind of accountability.  You know that way she can tell you in black and white what she did for the week previous – if she lost weight – her fears and her struggles.  Then YOU my friends can help her.  You know with encouragement and hard love.  Me and the other anipals and dad can help on the home front but I think it takes a village.  So what do you think my friends.  Are you willing to help out mom?  Do you think she needs to do her own journal on Mondays for accountability?  You tell me and I will tell her what you say.  She needs all the encouragement she can get.  We all do!


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Snuggle as a Bug in Bed

Good morning my friends.  This is me to the right – you see I’m all snuggled as a bug in bed.  This was taken this morning after my breakfast.  Mom wrapped me up and we snuggled on the couch watching the morning news on the television.  I was so comfortable!

In fact, WE were so comfortable that mommy and me both fell off to sleep together.  Snorts – if it wasn’t for daddy finding us together like this shortly afterwards, mommy would have been late for the worky place.  That would have been something, wouldn’t it?  Can you imagine mom calling her worky place?

“I’m sorry.  I’m going to be late.  I fell asleep with the pig.”

Snorts – rolling around laughing.


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7 Weeks of Weird

Okay I’m late to the band wagon.  What can I say.  I need to get out more, meet and greet more people.  That’s my goal for the rest of the year.  Let people know that moi – a mere pig – writes a blog.  Today, I noticed some of my friends with 7 weeks of weird in their blog.  I went to the source and made a new friend here.  I hope she accepts my friendship.  This is the neatest idea of 7 weeks of weird well since sliced bread… and peanut butter and jelly.  Who can get enough of that combination?  Snorts – now I’m hungry.  Great.

In today’s 7 weeks of weird, it focuses on “What is the weirdest habit/routine you have?”  I can do this.  My weirdest habit.  Don’t laugh okay.  This is something that I’ve never spoke of before.  When I eat my food out of my bowl.  I have to walk around my bowl while eating in a clockwise fashion.  I can’t just stop and eat.  I have to keep moving around my bowl.  It’s not like the food changes.  I just like the action of moving.  I think deep down I believe if I keep moving around the bowl (1) that’s exercise and I’m burning calories so I can eat more and (2) the bowl might sprout more food.  You never know – snorts.

My weird routine?  This one took some thinking.  I’ve come up with one that is intriguing and believe it or not, daddy helped me come up with it.  In the evenings after dinner, I like to sit on the sofa and cuddle with mommy.  I don’t want any help getting on the sofa.  I’m a big pig now.  I can do it myself.  BUT, I can only get up on the left side of mommy – never the right and never jump directly in her lap.  It has to be to the left and *I* have to do it myself.  If she helps, I will squeal and have a piggy tantrum so loud in protest that the house will shake here at the Hotel Thompson.

So, I hope these are two weird things that you didn’t know about moi – your friendly little pig with a blog.  I’m off to take a nap now.  Catch you on the downside.


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My All Time Favorite Food

Mom took another video of me last night eating my all time favorite – bananas.  I know another video of me eating.  It is my passion.  I love my food.  Sometimes I just can’t get enough.  It’s hard work keeping up with this gorgeous body of mine.  They don’t call me a miniature pot-bellied pig for no reason 🙂

So this is bananas.  I have in the past been known to try and ‘climb’ up moms legs to get to a banana that she was peeling for me.  They are that delicious.  Something about the texture just drives me crazy. 



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