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Rocky’s Nut Brunch

Here is an interesting fact for you.  Often I hear mom/dad go to bed and when they settle I always notice they are holding hands.  I’ve often wondered about this and the reasoning behind it.  I finally asked and they told me.  They are lifetime otters.  Really no joking.

Otters hold hands when they go to sleep so that they don’t drift away from each other.  aaww – now isn’t that cute?  Now I know why mom/dad hold hands when they sleep.


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Overheard Something Weird Last Night

Last night was a regular routine at the Hotel Thompson.  Mom put me to bed, read me my bedtime story and I fell off to sleep.  Then her and dad got ready for bed – all of this typical of a regular night.  But as mom/dad were getting into bed and settling in for the night, I overheard something that they said.  It really piqued my interest and when I got up this morning I had to do some research on the internet.  That’s when the aaww factor came in.  Leave it to my daddy, he still has it at times.

Are you wondering what daddy said?  He told mom, “Give me your hand my sweet otter so I don’t drift away.”  Then I heard giggles and then snoring – snorts.  It sounded so innocent but really weird.  What a strange thing to say before going to sleep.

During my research this morning, I found out what he was talking about.  Otters hold hands when they go to sleep so that they don’t drift off from each other.  There you go – you can do the ‘aaaww’ now.  I was touched beyond means.  Yep, my adopted daddy still knows what to say to make mommy weak in the knees… or go to sleep.


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