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Day 1 of DIEt

 God help us here at the Hotel Thompson.

Dad just called mommy at the worky place to check on her and how she is doing on day 1 of the great DIEt.  She snarled.  No really.  She snarled.  She told daddy quote, “This detox crap sucks to the high *$*!))”  Yep, I can’t repeat that last part.  Poor mom.

She’s eating but visions of what she wants versus what she is getting is not putting pictures of sugar plum in her mind.  If only carrots tasted like her favorite food – then all would be well in the world.

I’m thinking daddy may have to fix her a big drink and have it ready when she gets home.  Something that is not fattening but something that she likes… pondering.  Perhaps a Bloody Mary with green olives.  Tomato juice is good, vodka is good and who wouldn’t want that mixture together after a first day?  Thoughts?


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