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Fun Times at the Beach huh?

Mom and dad sent me a couple of pictures of their beach time.  They are spending ‘quality’ one-on-one time at Tybee Beach for a few days.  I don’t blame them.  I understand they have to have alone time.  The above picture was taken last night as they walked the beach hand and hand.  So romantic huh?

They took this picture this morning when they were out on a deep sea fishing trip.  Shivers.  I don’t think so.  Surrounded by nothing but water and in a little boat.  We’re going to need a bigger boat for this little piggy to get aboard – snorts.

I hope they have some fun and destress.  I just hope they don’t get into any trouble while they are there unchaperoned.  You know my mom/dad.  It’s not good to let them out by themselves.

I’ll keep you posted my friends.  I hope you enjoy these pictures.


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