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Dear Bacon – Special Edition – Dear Boo

This week is a really special edition of Dear Bacon.

My friend Boo at has volunteered to help me out once again with some special letters.  Boo concentrated really hard, read the letters and posted some awesome replies.  Please show some love to Dear Boo my friends!  And, don’t forget to go and visit him at his blog.  He’s still a kitten and is full of energy and spunk as you will see below 🙂  Enjoy



Dear Boo,
What? We’re just taking a break, figured I would show you what true working mules really do. Not the easy job of going to birthday parties and having kiddies ride your back. No, this is hard hat and safety gear moving dirt sort of work. So when do you plan on joining us?
Signed Working 925 Mules

Dear 925 Mules,

I don’t think meowmy would want me playing in dirt, but I would look great in a pair of shades and a white hard hat. Meowmy would appreciate me wearing a safety vest though so she can see me better at night.  Signed Boo




Dear Boo,

Why are they laughing? I just stuck my head in a bag of chips and this is what I came out of the bag with. Can you enlighten me as to what’s so funny? Signed in confusion, Duckface Dog

Duckface Dog,
If they are laughing then you are doing something right. I say prance around and enjoy the attention, then demand more chips. I would.  Signed Boo




Dear Boo,

Here I am making my doggy treat withdrawal for the day. The humans wanted me to be more responsible with my treats so I opened an account. I’ve got about 20 dog bone treats deposited. Not bad for being a few weeks into the new year. How are your resolutions holding up?  Signed, Biscuit Keeper

Dear Biscuit Keeper,
I’m sorry I have 2 brofurs here and leaving treats unguarded in the house is dangerous. I wish I could deposit mine for safe keeping for later, but I‘m “live in the present” sort of kitty. But that’s for the advice. Love, Boo


Dear Boo,

*yawns* I think it’s time for a cat nap, can I lay with you?  Yawning Piggy

Dear Piggy,
*yawns* Sure, but I don’t think you can quite sleep curled up like I do. And I think Meowmy will suspect that I was trying to harm you.  Your sleeping pal, Boo


Dear Boo,

Eeeeeekk! It’s after me, quick hide me! Scared deer

Dear Scared Deer,

*eyes widen, crouches low, butt wiggles, leaps, catches*  Oh it’s just a little bat.. or squirrel, either way you are safe now my friend. You may want to take a flashlight next time you go into the woods.  Your rescuer, Boo


A huge shout out and thank you for Boo for taking care of Dear Bacon this week. I really appreciate it pal!

**Remember, keep your pictures/questions coming.  Send them to me at


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Dear Boo – Special Edition

My friends over at have stepped in to do a special edition of Dear Boo.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Boo has a sense of humor similar to mine, don’t you think?  Big thanks out to Boo and Christina for this special edition!  We hope that you will do it again in the future ((HOGS AND KISSES)) Bacon



Dear Boo,
I heard you like to pounce on the other kitties in the house when you want to play with them. I tried to do with the same with my fellow squirrels, but they don’t like it as much, they kept dropping their food and running away chattering mean things at me. Do you think I overdid it?  Signed, Pouncing Red
Dear Pouncing Red,
I had no idea squirrels could pounce. I pounce all the time at my kitty brofurs and sisfur. I do it when they eat, coming out of the litter box, taking a nap… there’s no wrong time to pounce. Did you try a sneak attack? I like to get low on the ground, wiggle my bottom and give it all I have. Maybe you can try that to get other squirrels to play.  Love Boo



Dear Boo,
I have a secret, I found the perfect companion who shares my thoughts on how us pets should be treated, but all the other dogs make fun of me because well…it’s a bunny. How can I get the other dogs to understand? Doggy in Luv
Dear Doggy in Luv,
You two look cute together. Don’t worry about the other dogs, or anyone else for that matter. As long as you two are happy that’s all that matters.  Sincerely, Boo



Dear Boo,
I’m all ready for the summer. I just need my beach chair and sunscreen. What do you think? Signed, Summer Bunny
Dear Summer Bunny,
I like that look! I may have to get a pair of sunglasses for myself. Want to hang out by the pool sometime?  Love, Boo



Dear Boo,
I’m in desperate need of your help. As you can see from the picture I have a situation.. it’s a cat who likes to sleep on my bed. I wanted to take a nap, but the cat got there first. How do I get him off of my bed?  Signed, Doggy in waiting
Dear Doggy in waiting,
You can always do what I do when I want someone to move, cuddle up with them for a little bit, drift off for a bit and then slowly stretch out. This really annoys my brofurs and sisfur. I stretch out so much that they don’t have any room left and get up and leave. Thanks when I curl into a ball and purr myself to sleep, knowing I got the spot I wanted. Good luck to you and let me know how it goes. Your purry friend, Boo


20130418-122623.jpgDear Boo,
It was so cold up there that my biped made me this little sweater. I didn’t like it at first, I was trying to squirm out of it, but I’m getting used to it. I think I may wear for the rest of the year. What do you think of it?  Signed,
Purrfectly Comfortable in Clothes
Dear Purrectly Comfortable in Clothes,
It is quite cute. I’m sure your biped loves you a lot to try to make sure you are warm. It’s too hot here for meowmy to try to make me wear clothes living in Florida and all. But if we lived where it was cold I would ask for my meowmy to make me something close to what you have. Stay warm and cozy my little friend. Love, Boo


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