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Paw Time with Houdini

Hey my friends – how was your week?  This week has been long and I’m really looking forward to mommy being home this weekend.  Now, if only there would be cooler weather – we would all be set.  You are probably looking at this picture and saying, “What in the world?!”

You see, mom gets these ideas in her head that when she needs (not wants – barks) something, she has to have it.  Is your mom like that?  Mom has been sitting on the sofa in the evenings because of her flare up.  She kept complaining to dad that they needed ottoman to put their feet up on.  So finally, she was like that’s it!  We are buying an ottoman.  She then told daddy to be ready in 10 minutes.  See, she’s like that.  Dad calls her high strung but he still loves her.  I’m not sure what that means.

So they left me in the house with the devil cat Hemi and Bacon and off they went.  About an hour went by and they came home.  Mom was all giggly and happy.  Daddy was lugging this gigantic ottoman in the house.  This is me trying out the ottoman.  I think it passes my comfort test.  What do you think?

And it’s a cool ottoman too.  It has a top and a bottom.  You can turn the top over and you have like a hard spot to eat off of place your drink or play a game – whatever you want to do.  AND it also has a great storage place.

And you know mom.  She’s a deal maker.  She got it 70% off at our local Ashley’s Furniture which we can’t say enough nice things about.  Way to go Mom!

Now I leave you my friends with Jokes from Daddy.  Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!


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