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Mom/Dad’s Food Porn

  Sometimes with all of the stress and worries that come with being an adult, you have to take a step back and revert back to childhood.  This has been a tough month for a lot of people – not just here at the Hotel Thompson – but all over blogville.

Last night, mom got home and just gave dad one of “those” sighs.  You know the one I’m talking about.  The one where you are done.  Empty.  Totally wiped out.  Feeling uncherished, unwanted, unloved and miserable.  Nothing particular sparked it but everything attributed to it.  You know that feeling?  Mom calls those feelings feeling magenta.  Shrugs piggy shoulders.  I’m not sure why magenta but she picked magenta.

Well daddy told her last night that was it – it was time to go back to being a kid without adult worries.  Mom/dad loaded up in the car and went down the street to the local Dairy Queen.  Once there, they ordered two of these delectable peanut butter parfaits, laughed and joked while eating their treats.  And guess what?  It did the job.  Both mom/dad came back home more lighter with worries.

So, have you had your kid treat lately?  I think tonight they are meeting the local ice cream truck at the curb.  Maybe I can get in on some of that action – snorts with piggy laughter.


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