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Do you know what makes this piggy more excited than food – and that’s asking a lot?  AWARDS!  I get so excited about AWARDS.  So much so that my long bushy tail non-stop wags like a helicopter fixing to take off.  See – look at my rear end and tail – I’m a happy camper – snorts.

My friend Ajaytao at sent me a message to pick out three awards with no link backs.  That is even more exciting because you get awards but no work – snorts.  Something this little piggy likes.  Thank you Ajaytao for thinking of me!!

I’ve went through all of the awards that was on their page – can you believe they had 48!?  Here are my three that I don’t have yet.  If you my friends don’t have any of these, please also accept them to your blog with no link backs 🙂


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Happy Hump Day

One of my favorite past times at the Hotel Thompson is watching commercials.  I just love them!  You can find me in my bedroom watching them on my television all of the time.  What?  Don’t all piggies have a bedroom of their own furnished with cable.. let alone Netflix?  Have mercy on their souls if they don’t.  *I* can’t live without my luxuries at the Hotel Thompson.  Can you imagine ‘me’ without my laptop or iPad.  How would I ever keep in touch with my cyber friends?  But, that’s probably a posting for another day.  Let’s get back to the commercials.

I love them.  I watch them all of the time.  I have my favorites.  Today, my favorite is the one from Geico.  I have to admit Geico has a really good advertising company that produces their commercials.   

They’ve come up from everything from the gecko that talks – to a caveman can do it – to my friend Maxwell now going out on dates!  And we all know why *I* like Maxwell.  Because he’s funny!  But I have to say that yesterday I saw the one that tops almost all of them.  It takes you a few minutes to figure it out but once you do – you will be PRAOTFL (pig rolling all over the floor laughing) as well.  Oinks out to a job well done Geico!  Let me know what ya’ll think – XOXO – Bacon











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