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Nana Bought Me GIFTS!

20130218-094852.jpgAnimal crackers, 5 pounds of carrots, 5 pounds of apples, bananas and cuties – oh my I’m in PIG HEAVEN!!

I’ve got to be the most well kept piglet in the world – no offense my piggy friends.  It’s times like this you need to live closer to me so I can share my bounty.

This will all probably last me several months.  I don’t get it ‘all’ every day.  The apples, bananas and cuties are my bed time snacks.  I get one of them every night before mom tucks me in.  That way my little belly doesn’t rumble in the middle of the night making deviled ham come out and play – snort!

The carrots get cut into matchstick size treats.  I get some of those and some of the animal crackers as snacks during the day, usually around mid day before I go back down for my afternoon nap.

You know I have to have all of these naps.  It’s hard taking care of this sexy body! 

My nana is the bestest in the entire world!  I love you my nana!  Smooches



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