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Dear Bacon – Hiding Special

Dear Bacon – The dog – he’s so pesky here at my house.  He is always following me around, sniffing at me and touching me with his doggy cooties.  I’ve found the perfect spot to hide from him.  He can’t find me – honestly.  This must be like the invisibility cloak or something.  He just whimpers around looking… silly dog.  Signed You Can’t See Me

Dear You Can’t See Me – What?  I don’t see you in the picture my friend.  It has to be the perfect hiding spot.  And I agree with you about the dog things.  They can be pesky.  I have one here too.  I’ll have to remember your invisibility cloak and see if that can work for me.  Oh my goodness – if it does – you are a God!  Take it easy my friend.

Dear Bacon – Believe it or not but I stood here in the corner of mom’s bedroom like this for almost an hour while she was ‘looking’ for me.  I thought it was hilarious.  She even brought out the treats but I stood still just to see what kind of detective she is.  Trust me.  She is not Agatha Christie.  Meows.  Gotta run now so she doesn’t discover my ‘new’ spot of hiding in the open.  Signed HA Meow

Dear HA Meow – I have to give this to you my friend.  You cats are like the best in hiding – you are silent stalkers.  I could just see you standing in that corner and then swiping out at your mom and her jumping on the ceiling.  WOW – to have that kind of power.  I bow at you.  I really do.

Dear Bacon – Sometimes the best defense is an open defense.  Sometimes humans are always wanting to ‘look’ for you but they never really ‘look’ in the open.  Do you follow me pig?  Sometimes if one just sits quietly enough you are overlooked.  When you are overlooked then your eyes are opened to your surroundings.  Does that make sense?  Trust me on this.  So the next time it’s kind of wild there at the Hotel Thompson, sit back, be quiet and still and watch ever so gently at others.  You’ll learn a lot of things.  Signed Confucius

Dear Confucius – Deal.  I followed you completed on that my friend.  I shall do just the same and see what enlightening I partake.  Thanks for the awesome advice.

Dear Bacon – Sometimes a girl just needs a little lace in her life to make her feel so pretty.  What better way than a curtain, right?  If you don’t think it makes you feel pretty, maybe you should try it and see.  I won’t tell.  Signed See No Evil

Dear See No Evil – Okay – but don’t tell anyone.  I will try this tonight when everyone is asleep.  You do kind of look pretty…. for a purr thing.


Dear Bacon – The perfect hiding spot – under the bed.  You can’t see me.  My head is hidden.  This means that the humans will *never* find me.  Signed Hiding Tail

Dear Hiding Tail – I hate to tell you this my friend but I can see that tail of yours.  You do realize what that means, right?  If I can see your tail, you are not hiding – snorts with piggy laughter.  Happy better hiding place.



REMEMBER FRIENDS – Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU!  Please continue to send me your letters and pictures to my email.  Thanks!




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Texts from Bacon

Sometimes the texts between me and mom are innocent and fun and sometimes they mean trouble.  They don’t start out as trouble.  They start out me thinking something is great.  But then I learn it might not be so great from mom. Daddy watches me during the day or maybe I should say dad is suppose to be watching me during the day.  Cause you know what mom says – “A bored pig is a pig in trouble.”  Well, you be the judge of that.  I was just having some fun.  Heck my cousin Sammy has great times with tents.  I just wanted to try it out.  My texts are in blue and mom’s are in gray.  Let me know what you think – was I trouble or just exploring?













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Call Me Bacon, Interior Room Designer –

Yesterday I just had a hard time settling.  It might have been the weather.  I’m not really sure.  I just couldn’t settle.  I kind of drove dad up the wall with all of my little antics around the house as well.  Heck, one time I almost mowed him down in the hallway running out of the bedroom.  I know he made *the* phone call to mom later in the afternoon and spoke to her about my behavior.  I figured I was already in trouble.  I couldn’t possibly be in more trouble.  Mom was going to have that prayer meeting with me when she got home.  I might as well make it good if you know what I mean – snort.


Let’s just start by saying that sometimes I don’t come up with the best ideas.  This was one of them.  After my afternoon phone call to mommy, dad put me down for my afternoon nap.  I wasn’t tired.  See, I’ve been watching too many episodes on HGTV about remodeling.  I looked around my room and decided that I could do some of those things.  It can’t be too hard, right?  While dad was doing the laundry, I started so I wouldn’t interrupt him when he watched his television later.  See, that was considerate of me.


I used the ramming skills that I’ve learned to love and knocked over my crate.  I don’t use it that much these days and I decided it was taking up too much.  I moved it to the other side of the room so it wouldn’t be in my way any longer. 

I have several bankies on the floor.  One of them I’m just not too fond of – it just doesn’t give me good vibes.  I’m not sure if it’s the color or the fabric.  I didn’t need it in there anymore.  So, I made confetti out of it.  It was the perfect plan.  It looked so much prettier torn into a thousands shreds of pretty colors all over the floor.  Now, it was the perfect bankie 🙂 scattered all over my bedroom floor. 

Next, I looked at the window treatments.  There’s two windows in my room.  One is fine but the other window is what brings the most sun into my room.  I don’t care for that window treatment.  Did you know that little pigs could climb?  I was able to lean on the wall, use my little short legs to stretch up as far as possible and tug on that ugly window curtain.  It took several attempts and lots of tugging but eventually that curtain came down.  After I shredded it into a gazillion pieces, did you know that it really made that already festive shredded bankie all over my floor look even better.   It was like a giant pile of fabric that I could run and jump on the rest of the day.  I had a piggy playground!

During all of this rennovating interior design in my room, I pushed my wizzy pad from its usual spot.  Somehow, it got hidden with all of my fabric confetti.  I couldn’t find it.  But that’s okay.  I went wizzy in the same ‘spot’ I usually do.  It was a big puddle too – I was so proud.

After all of that redesigning, I was a tuckered little piggy.  It was almost time for mommy to come home as well so I took a piggy power nap.

Mom came home like she normally does and came skipping into my room to check on me.  This is where things went wrong really, REALLY quick.  First of all, with all of my remodeling, I put a lot of stuff in front of the only door into the room.  She had a hard time opening it and that was her first clue that something was different.  Then she opened the door.

You know those movies where parents call out their childrens’ names – you know the entire full name when they’re in trouble.  Well, it’s not any different for little pigs in trouble.  All I heard in a stern voice was, “Bacon Porkchop Thompson, you are in big trouble little man.”  For some reason, she didn’t appreciate my new interior design to my bedroom.  I’m not sure if it was the moved furniture, shredded fabric all over the room or the torn curtains that pushed her over that edge.  Heck, it might have been a combination of everything. 

Needless to say, this little piggy was in BIG time trouble.  After mom spent a good amount of time in my room as she said cleaning up after me, I got sent to bed early.  I didn’t even get any snuggle time, a bedtime story or a bedtime snack.  Mommy ignored me the entire night.  Shivers – that’s not a good sign.  As she told me, I needed some alone time to ‘reflect’ on my deviled ham ways.  I heard her telling daddy that there is the guy that has two personalities called Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and I have two personalities called Sweet Bacon and Deviled Ham.  I don’t much like my deviled ham side.  It gets me into a lot of trouble. 

I’m planning on having a really good day today.  When mommy gets home, I’m going to be all over her like a mosquito on a naked arm.  I got some big time making up to do.

XOXOX – Sweet Bacon and Deviled Ham


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