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31 Days of Spook – Story Submission

Oh my sweet friends.  How are you holding up so far with my 31 Days of Spook?  Are you leaving the lights on at night yet?  Are you watching all of the shadows behind you?  Are you spooked when someone says hello to you?  Snorts – if you are, buckle up those seat belts because I’ve got a great scary story for you today.  This story was submitted by my friends Lassie and Benji.  If you haven’t met Lassie and Benji, please visit their blog and tell them that Bacon sent you.


This is a true story from Lassie and Benji’s mom from like 87 years ago when she was a young teenager.  In the picture to the left is Murko who is mentioned in the story below.  In order to say Murko’s name correctly, you have to roll the “R” in the name.  Go ahead and say it a couple of times.  I know you want to 🙂  So now, we are going to tell mom’s story.



“Mommy came home from school one day and was all alone in the house.  Well not totally alone, it was just her and her cat, “Murko”. There was this wicked wind blowing down the alley. Mommy lived in a twin house so the alley was just on the one side of the house.  Anyway, the wind seemed to come outta no where! Mommy figured maybe a storm was coming, but she thought that was odd since she didn’t remember the weatherman mentioning a storm in the forecast.

 Then Mommy heard some strange noises.  It was almost like a high-pitched crying or wailing sound, but not quite.   It was the wind.  It was screeching as the air hit the corner of the windows while it was blowing down the alley.  The high pitched screeching sounds were very short and the echo of the sounds bounced up and down the alley way.  Mommy started to get an uneasy feeling.

 The room went rhythmically from light to dark, almost as if it were shadows or passing clouds blocking the sunlight.  Then all of the sudden a plant on the windowsill came tumbling over spilling dirt all over our dining room carpet.

 Next, the curtains on the windows were flying up in the air as well — it was almost as if the curtains were dancing while flying in the air still tethered up by curtain rod.  The curtains seemed to go methodically from one window to the next — floating up and down — first the dining  room window curtains then the breakfast room curtains floated in the air.  The pattern of the flying curtains was moving in Mommy’s direction getting closer and closer to where she was standing in the kitchen.  Mommy was terrified seeing the white curtains floating in the air and seeing them headed in her direction…. and she screamed, “It’s a GHOST!”

Almost instantaneously, the cat leaped in the air like something spooked her and Mommy leaped even higher than the cat!  And then all of the sudden the “storm” stopped.
Mommy thought to herself, was it really a “storm” or was the wind a sign of some evil presence or perhaps even a ghost!  Mommy hurried and shut all the windows tight and clung to her cat waiting for her sibling to come home from school as well.
Mommy’s older sibling came home from school and was baffled at the sight of Mommy sitting on the floor holding her cat surrounded by the dirt all around her on the floor from the toppled over plant.     Mommy told her sibling of the horrible tale of the wind and the plant and the flying curtains … and the sibling said, “What are you talking about, it wasn’t windy today!”
GULP!   Maybe it was a Ghost after all!”

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31 Days of Spook – Day 19


Forgive me my friends.  This is Count Baconula here.  I’m afraid this may be my scariest post EVER.  Today, sniffles, mom/dad left me!  I know, I know.  We were all expecting this but…but…but it’s not actually reality until it happens.  I’m not really sure who cried the most – me or mommy.  Hannah my pig sitter and daddy tried to get me and mom separated but we just couldn’t let go – CRY!  I got hiccups because I was crying so hard.  Do you ever do that?  It was scary and hiccup I’m missing her already!

I have to get myself together.  My friends in blogville are counting on me to scare YOU today.  Sniff – sniff.  I can do this.  I really can.  I’ve went through my collection of videos and pulled out another all time favorite video of mine.  It kind of fits today too – Who You Gonna Call?  Enjoy my friends.


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Dear Friends,

I could *never* say thank you enough for all of the wonderful thoughts, emails, letters and greetings yesterday for my birthday.  I woke up yesterday morning to mom’s tear jerker of a video with the pictures displaying in my room on my laptop.  The day was wonderfully special to this little oinker.  I have to admit that the purr things, Hemi and Mouse Girl, really did one over on me.  I never had a clue and saying that I was touched doesn’t even come close to expressing how overwhelmed with love that I felt.  From the purr things, to the pet rocks, to mom and dad and all of my friends here in blogville.  I really never knew just how much I was loved.  I cried so much.  It was a wonderful feeling to have that much love coming my way.  Thank you so much my friends for a birthday that I will never forget!


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Memory Lane

Let’s take a walk down memory lane today shall we.  I’ve gotten some new visitors and friends here on my blog and I want you to know the real me.  I’m not perfect – snort – I do have my days when I can be a little okay a lot stubborn. Of course they’re few and far between – snort. 

Mom adopted me when I was a mere three weeks old.  She had raised other small animals from that age so I had faith in her skills.  This was me the day I came home.  Can you believe that I only weighed ONE pound that day?!  I was the runt of my litter.  The farm brought me inside and put me on the bottle.  Mom got me at three weeks and I’ve NEVER been outside in nature except for in passing.  It’s not that mom hasn’t tried.  Trust me – she has.  Here is the post about my family  Also, have you ever wondered how and why mom adopted me, a mere pig?  Check it out here  bring your tissues 🙂

Since I don’t choose to go out in nature, I have a wizzy spot in my bedroom.  I was pretty easy to train in this.  I mean geez, have you met my mother? She had a fit every time I went wizzy or pooh.  I don’t know how personally “I” survived those days.

Oh oh mom.  She *always* has a camera ready with her for the most parts since I was little.  This is one of my funniest pictures from my childhood.  She thought it would be funny to have ‘bacon and eggs’ in pictures.  Snort – it is kind of funny.  Moms always coming up with different pictures and views.  I’ve gotten kind of used to after all of these months.  You never know when the flash is going to go off at the Hotel Thompson!  Be ready and keep a smile.

And just between you and me, I’m not perfect.  I’ve had my moments and still do at times.  There have been times that daddy has made ‘that call’ to mom.  Check this out and I can be sweet bacon or deviled ham.  It’s strictly up to you.  Mom and dad learned real quick what I expect at the Hotel Thompson.  Yeah, I paid the price for that.  Mom had a prayer meeting with me that night when she tucked me in without my bedtime snack.  Shivers – no bedtime snacks are the pits! 

And let’s not EVER forget the great baby gate ordeal – snort.  I was ‘this’ close to winning that battle with that stupid gate.  Snort – I almost threw mom over the edge with the gate thing.  I can admit that now.  It was a challenge to me and challenges are right up our alley.  We will watch something, focus on it and do it until it works.  Like the baby gate  Yeah, dad has tweaked it now with a bungee cord so the kitchen is off limits.  But it was a fun challenge getting to this state – LOL.  But getting there – snort

And do you know mom made a video about me?  Yeah, this is a touching tribute to this little oinker that my mom put together with her own two little hands.  It even brought water to my eyes.  By all means, check it out and let us know what you think.  Thanks so much for being my friend and supporting this little piggy.  I love you bunches each and every one – Hogs and Kisses – Bacon


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