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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,20140217-042346.jpg

Let this be a warning to your readers.  Don’t smoke.  I was suppose to be an awesome lobster.  But I started smoking when I was younger therefore I stayed as a crawfish.  Snap, I was that close.  Signed Shorty

Dear Shorty,
Great heads up to our younger readers.  Thank you for sharing your story my friend.  Stay strong and be proud of who you are.


Dear Bacon,20140217-042407.jpg

Have you ever been out on the town with some bun-bun’s?  We would show you a great time in our pink Corvette! Signed Trio of Fun

Dear Trio of Fun,
Awesome!  The next time you are cruising through my town, stop by and see me.  It would be awesome to drive around in your pink Corvette!


Dear Bacon,20140217-042437.jpg

It’s like this.  I really thought I saw a Milk Bone in the middle of the cushions.  I dived in without thinking.  Probably not one of my best ideas but hey it works, not.  Signed Tails Up


Dear Tails Up,
Just have to ask my friend.  Did you find the Milk Bone?  How long were you left in that position?  It does look interesting.  I don’t think I could personally do that.  Darn this pot-belly, snorts.  But hey, if it works for you and you got the gold, then it was an awesome free dive.  Take care my friend and keep chasing Milk Bones.



Dear Bacon,20140217-042459.jpg

There’s no denying the family in this picture.  I was tired being the master cat so I took a nap.  The next thing I knew, my mini-me was right beside me in the same position.  I think he’s a a chip off the old block, you think?  Signed Copy Cat

Dear Copy Cat,
AAWWW – that is so adorable.  A family that sleeps together, stays together.  Ya’ll are so cute and comfy.  I wonder if I can get into that position.  I’m off to try it.  I’ll let you know.  Sweet dreams!


Dear Bacon,20140217-042529.jpg

Have you ever been so tired that when someone calls your name you don’t get up.  You just kind of give them this look to see if it’s worthy of you moving from that most comfortable position.  Yeah, unless it involves food or outside, I’m good.  Signed Sleepyhead

Dear Sleepyhead,
I can related to what you are speaking of my friend.  There are days that I am so like that.  If it is worthy to move, I will.  If not, a couple of more minutes of shut eye is so worth it!



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