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Mommy’s Food Blog Reminder and a Special Shout Out

Friends – If you get a chance, you *must* check out mom’s food blog here.  You will NOT be disappointed.  Those pictures of hers just make me want to lick the computer screen.  YUM-YUM!  Don’t forget to let her know what you think.  ❤


Oh and my friends – I have to give a special shout out to my cousin Sammy.  I received not only a Christmas card in the mail from him yesterday but these oh so cute and adorable gifts.  I just ❤ the tin can of Elf on the Shelf.  This guy looks nice… unlike the Don Juan at my house.  And mom has fallen in love with the sock coin purse.  OMP – she and I *both* squealed with excitement.  I’m the luckiest piggy in the world to have such amazing friends.  Thank you cousin!


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Texts from Bacon

Sometimes the texts between me and mom are innocent and fun and sometimes they mean trouble.  They don’t start out as trouble.  They start out me thinking something is great.  But then I learn it might not be so great from mom. Daddy watches me during the day or maybe I should say dad is suppose to be watching me during the day.  Cause you know what mom says – “A bored pig is a pig in trouble.”  Well, you be the judge of that.  I was just having some fun.  Heck my cousin Sammy has great times with tents.  I just wanted to try it out.  My texts are in blue and mom’s are in gray.  Let me know what you think – was I trouble or just exploring?













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Thanks My Friends! – Mark Your Calendars

Thank you so very much my friends for participating in my first Bacon’s Show and Tell yesterday.  It was such a great joy in seeing everyone’s different favorite toys they had as children.  They brought such good memories to us here at the Hotel Thompson as I’m sure you had as well.  A special shout out to my Cousin Sammy for filling in for me yesterday.  I really appreciate your help Cousin!  I can’t say thank you enough for looking after Bacon’s Show and Tell.

Let’s mark our calendars for Thursday, July 31, 2014, to have our next Bacon’s Show and Tell.  This time though, let’s highlight that one toy that you really wanted as a child but you never got while growing up.  I’m sure we all have that one thing we dreamed about but never showed up at birthdays or Christmas.  On Thursday, July 31, 2014, let’s get that one toy finally and talk about what it meant to us.

Now as for me being PMIA (piggy missing in action) yesterday.  WOW – could it have been a longer day for us here at the Hotel Thompson?  Mommy took off work – that should have been my first clue that something was amiss during the week – especially on a Monday.  Are you ready for the breakdown?  Snorts – tighten your seat belt here we go.

First up – may I present to you Albert – mom’s Smart car.  He had his “physical” yesterday.  Yep, I said it – physical.  The good thing about a Smart car is that you can go 10,000 miles before an oil change.  It counts it down for you and let’s you know when you need to take it in for a change.  Great perk.  Down side – it takes synthetic oil and costs more than normal.  But like mom said, once every 10,000 miles makes it only getting an oil change around once a year.  And I bet you didn’t know that my mom comes from a long line of grease monkey’s.  She has been known to change her own oil – go mom – but not on Albert nope.  She hasn’t tried although she’s watched videos and wants to attempt it one day.  (And speaking of working on cars, snorts, mom has to tell you about a story with daddy on that one day).  But I digress.  So after Albert’s oil change, mom has to reset Albert to count down another 10,000 miles.  Why?  Because the professionals don’t know how to reset him.  Rolls piggy eyes.  Really?  And you call yourselves professionals – snorts.

Second up – I had to go for my yearly “physical”.  Joy. Yay.  Super.  What a fun time.  I’m going through a shedding phase – which is normal.  Mommy neglected to write this on the family calendar.  I wonder why?  Surprise for the piggy?  Sure why not.  It really wasn’t that bad – not considering.  My vet, Dr. Corine, is wonderful and she smells great.  What I don’t like is the waiting room.  Dr. Corine is an exotic pet doctor.  There was a snake as a patient in the waiting room yesterday.  You trying to give this piggy a heart attack?  Mr. Snake stayed to himself but my mohawk was up on my back.  Shivers.  And I might have – stress MIGHT – have peed on the floor.  Okay – I was a little nervous.  Who wouldn’t be with that anaconda in the room with me?  I’ve seen videos of them eating my kind.  Shivers.  But I didn’t have to wait long before Dr. Corine took me back for my “physical”.  She went down the list – eyes clear, temp good (don’t even ask – and no she didn’t buy me a drink first!), teeth good, ears good, hooves good – mom’s been doing great at keeping them trimmed.  Then we got to the weight.  I weigh a whopping 48 pounds.  WOW – I’m a pig – snorts – literally.  I’m healthy.  My pot belly is not over abundant and my face is not puffy.  But do you know Dr. Corine had the nerve to tell mommy to watch my weight?!  Watch MY weight.  Really?  Stomps hooves.  As if.  I am a miniature pot bellied piggy.  I have standards to maintain Dr. Corine.  Bite me.  Snorts.

🙂 So that’s why I was PMIA yesterday.  Of course after my “physical”, guess who else had their physicals?  Yep, mom and dad.  I think I heard mom say bite me too – snorts.


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Best Blog Around the World

Speechless – that’s what this little piggy is right now.

It doesn’t happen very often because well we *all* know I love to talk – about everything and anything.  But today, I’m speechless.  My cousin Sammy at nominated me for the Best Blog Around the World Award.  Swoon – squeal!

I absolutely LOVE awards and it’s from my cousin Sammy.  Thank you Sammy – thank you so very much!!  I’ve never seen this award and I think it’s totally piggy fascinating!

And, better yet is all you have to do in receiving the award is:  accept it, thank the giver and nominate six other friends.  Not bad at all!  I’ve said it and I’ll say again – Thank You Sammy!

Here are my nominees – in no particular order 🙂  Enjoy my friends!


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My Aunt Came for a Visit



So this past weekend, my Aunt Tina came home for a visit.  She lives near the the outskirts of Chicago in Illinois.  Right before she came home, they got a huge SNOW storm.  This is my cousin Sherlock Bones going outside to see snow and do his business.  First off, I can’t imagine snow this deep.  Heck, it’s hard for this little piggy to imagine snow period since I’ve never seen it.  Second off, thank goodness I have a wee-wee patch in my bedroom.  I just don’t see myself as a ‘going outside to tread through the snow to find grass to take a pee kind of oinker’.  I guess you could say that I’m a little spoiled like that.  Just a tiny bit.

So, Aunt Tina came home to get away from the cold and snow to find what?  Not snow but single digit cold.  PLOL (Piggy laughing out loud).  Way to go Mother Nature in turning a twist of bad luck.  It is funny though in one way evil twist of nature.  You see Aunt Tina used to live in Louisiana.  The only thing they had to worry about there were perhaps rain and hurricanes.  Now, well, I think this picture tells you everything Aunt Tina and her family think about this time of the year.



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