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It’s Bound to Happen Friends

20130601-003708.jpgMom is on the war path of wanting to upgrade some things in the kitchen.  You just know I’m going to be asking all of my friends to come over and help out, right?  The quicker this little project gets done, the quicker I get my mommy back where she belongs – with me!

It’s nothing major in the kitchen.  It’s just a little cosmetic uplift.  You know some fresh colorful paint on the walls – mom so hates a white wall.  I just don’t understand her adversion to them.  And, she wants to put a new floor down.  She says it’s not a big project and that she’s done them before.  You go mom – you rock!

I’ve helped with pulling up the old linoleum floor here and there.  My snout is a mighty powerful instrument just for your information – snorts.  I will definitely keep you posted with before/after pictures when this project gets on the road.  Don’t tell her but I’m kind of looking forward to the makeover.  The paint she has picked out is pigawesome! 

And what better time to start all of this construction when we have the problem with the roof.  Something has to be done to the little drip that is there now.  We definitely don’t want the ‘small’ drip turning into a giant down pour.  I’ll keep you posted my friends.


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