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Dear Bacon


 Dear Bacon –  We are in LOVE.  Can’t you tell by the grin on my face.  Who says that love can’t be with everyone in the world.  I’ve found the kitty for me!  Signed Snuggable Loveable

Dear Snuggable Loveable – Sigh.  Trust me my friends.  I do know the full understanding of love.  I have someone in my heart who is now a sweet angel above watching over me.  My dear Nylablue was and still is the love of my little piggy life.  I say enjoy while you can and cherish each and every day my friends!  No regrets.


Dear Bacon –  The master said fetch and we both went.  Whoever brings the stick back gets a treat.  Well we have learned to share and share alike – barks barks.  We *both* brought the stick back.  That should show the master huh?  Signed Fun and Games

Dear Fun and Games – I like the way you think my friends.  That is an awesome plan for the both of you to get a treat.  I shall remember this in the future around here at the Hotel Thompson.  Way to go my friends!


20140330-182406.jpgDear Bacon – Please, please make this day that I get that despicable dog today that comes into my yard, takes hefty craps and harasses me to the ends of the earth.  Just one little punch in the face from my front paws, or perhaps a back kick, would so make my day.  Can you help me out and say that little prayer with me?  Thanks so very much.  Signed On My Knees

Dear On My Knees – Hey, I’m with you on this my friend.  I can’t sit back when one of my friends needs some assistance.  I’ll say that little prayer with you in hopes that you can get even with your little barky thing that visits you.  The line has now been crossed and pay back is definitely in order.  Take care and be quick about it when no one is looking.

 20140330-182417.jpgDear Bacon – Who doesn’t ❤ a great kitty condo?  It’s the time of the year when the humans do weird things like bringing home lots of packages/boxes.  What better time to make a kitty condo for all of us?  Who cares about the junk inside of the boxes.  Humans are weird.  Signed the Three Amigos

Dear Three Amigos – There is something so amusing and wondrous about empty boxes.  We love them here too at the Hotel Thompson.  And yes you are so true in saying that humans are weird.  I’m not sure why this time of the year it happens but it does.  Enjoy those boxes there my friends.  I know we have a couple of them here that we are working on destruction.  It’s so much fun and so messy!



Remember my friends – keep your pictures and questions coming by emailing them to me.  Thanks!


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Dear Bacon

20140112-004757.jpg Dear Bacon,

Really, it’s not what it looks like.  I kitty swear.  My brother, he was sick.  Yeah, that’s it.  I was holding his hair back.  I know it doesn’t look like that but I was. Really.  I was helping him so he wouldn’t fall in.  I mean, purr, we wouldn’t want him to drown or anything in a toilet, would we.  Nah, then who would I have to pick on by my side?  Signed Freddy

Dear Freddy,

I wouldn’t let that picture get in a court of law my friend.. you know just in case something happens to your poor innocent brother.  I mean, that picture kind of tells a different story.  Even *I* don’t think I could get away with anything like that.  Nope.  You might want to be nice to your brother for a while.  He might use this as proof.  Just sayin’.


Dear Bacon,


Darn that cow Velma.  She took this picture of me when I was grazing last week.  She started laughing like a hyena.  I didn’t know why until I saw this on the news.  The nerve!  I did not let out “gas of fire” as they reported.  I just wanted to get that straight.  Signed Sue

Dear Sue,

I have to admit that I kind of laughed out loud on that one my friend.  It does look like you had a flame that went on forever.  Snorts.  But I’m with you on this.  You can’t let Velma get away with this.  Why don’t you sign her up on Farm Harmony and set her up with a blind date – snorticles.  That could be really fun.  Have your camera ready this time.



Dear Bacon,

Isn’t Mad Dog the best?!  He seems really scary to the neighborhood pups but he’s my hero, my lifesaver, my brother.  He protects me and always gives me a nice soft spot to lay on.  I just wanted to give him a shout out.  Signed Sally

Dear Sally,

Mad Dog is the best brother ever!  What an awesome pooch to watch out for you, protect you AND he’s your personal bed.  That’s great!



Dear Bacon,

We have a security breach.  We spotted him this afternoon.  He knows when he comes out, we are going to be so on him like green on Gumby.  He should know better than to get into our kitty condo.  He doesn’t have an address here.  Signed Kitty Ninjas

Dear Kitty Ninjas,

Tsk-tsk-tsk.  I would sure hate to be that pooch when he finally emerges from that kitty condo home.  What do you call that “breaking and barking?”  Perhaps “pooch assault”.  Or maybe it’s a ‘dog robbery in progress?”  Oh, I kill myself.  Try not to be to hard on him my friends.  I think this picture will be worth the insult to his pedigree.  Perhaps put it on your Twitter or Facebook account.  That I’m sure will be far worse than a kitty beating – snorts.


20140112-004925.jpg Dear Bacon,

Sure, a solicitor can come in our yard.  No problems.  They just have to get through us first…. after showing credentials, paying an admission fee and leaving some food.  Why not.  Signed #1 and #2

Dear #1 and #2,

I think I’ll pass your house.  Gulp.  Nothing to see there. Nope not at all!


*Remember friends, send your pictures and questions to me at


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