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Travels in the South

Hello friends – welcome back to mom/dad’s Travels in the South.  Today is a good one…. snorts – I say that every week don’t I?  Rolls with piggy laughter.  Well as you know mom/dad have been changing their way of eating.  It’s definitely a work in progress for sure.  Well, a couple of weeks ago mom took dad out for his birthday.  Dad wanted to go to a local steakhouse for dinner.

Dad went for a steak of course ❤   He ordered a prime rib and mom said since it was his birthday he could have french fries.  Nice of her huh?  Snorts!  Mom went with the strawberry fields salad.  Doesn’t that look awesome?  It has everything in it from nuts to grapes to strawberries to oranges.  Yummy huh?


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Travels in the South

Are you asking yourself, “Self, just what is this creation on Bacon’s Travels in the South this week?”  I’m glad you asked my friends.  See last week for dad’s birthday, he wanted to go to our local Bojangles where he wanted to try this creation.  Now I’m going to let mom describe what it is… she says I don’t need to know what’s inside of it.  I think we all knows what that means.

This fabulous looking bowl is called the Pulled Pork Bowl.  It starts with Bojangle’s spicy Cajun pintos, then they add a sweet and smoky sauce along with pulled pork and topped with cole slaw.  Even I was questioning if this would be good or not.  In fact, I tried not to like the taste I got out of the hub unit’s bowl.. but I couldn’t help myself.  It was delicious!

So if you have a Bojangles in the area, stop in and try this creation – I think you’ll like it too 🙂


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Travels in the South

 Welcome back my friends for another edition of Travels in the South.  Today, I’m going to take you on an inside look at Fozziemom and my mom.  Needless to say that these pictures are ‘inside’ pictures at some crazy stuff that might have happened during Fozziemom and Fozziedad’s travels here this past May.

 Now when mom/dad got home, I heard my mom/dad bust out in spontaneous laughter all.of.the.time upon certain stories being told.  Of course, I didn’t know the entire story until I came across some pictures on mom’s iPhone.  Then I was like what in the world were they doing?  Were they on drugs?  Were they drunk?

I mean do these pictures look ‘normal’ to you?  Of course I asked daddy if they were normal.  Daddy said that normal was just a word and never to be used to describe mom or Fozziemom.  I guess that tells us a lot huh?


Dad said that mom and Fozziemom (get this because it’s good) even got out on the side of a mountain road proceeding to dance in these wigs.  Closes my eyes and shakes my piggy head.  What were they thinking?  Can you imagine driving along on some winding roads.  You turn a corner and see two strange ladies dancing and singing way out of tune wearing this circus wigs?  I don’t know about you but I would be hitting the accelerator a little harder – just sayin’.  These two were and are clowns!

But I do want to share some awesome food that everyone had when they finally turned in their wigs and arrived at the beach – snorts with piggy laughter.  One of the most simplest appetizers that mom/dad love are bread and beer cheese – yep nods head – beer cheese.  This little strips of bread are grilled, buttery and cut into strips.  They make the *perfect* dipping accessories for that glorious beer cheese that is so gooey and wonderful – not too strong of beer at all.  It was perfect.

And the other picture is one of mom/dad’s favorite foods at the beach – buffalo shrimp.  These are shrimp that are lightly battered and deep fried.  Once they come out of the fryer, they are tossed in a buffalo sauce just like you would do with hot wings.  They are served with blue cheese dressing.  Yummo!

Awesome and happiness in these pictures my friends!  You can quit licking the screens now 🙂





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This is the *best* advice I have ever found on the internet.  I’m not sure where this sign is or who took the picture – whoever and wherever – this little oinker bows to you.  Way to go!!  I’ve always distrusted and disliked clowns. Shivers!


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31 Days of Spook – Hitchhikers

 Oh my friends – just a little reminder today this Saturday as you are out and about running errands.  Please be careful of hitchhikers.  One never knows who they really might be… an escaped inmate.. a murderer.. a rouge clown.. 


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Bacon’s Tales of Terror

Oh my friends.  Can you believe that in a short couple of weeks, October will be here.  You do know what that means, right?  31 days of Spook will be on my blog!   31 days of something scary, something that goes bump in the night, ghosts and ghouls, horror, haunts and other spooks.  Shivers – I get excited just thinking about it!

I’ve been working hard here in my bedroom searching around the world for stories to tell.  It’s hard grunt work – literally.  Sometimes I even scared myself!  With all of that work, I almost forgot about September 13th. It was almost here before I knew it.

I thought to myself, “Self, what can I do for the 13th of September?  What can knock people to the floor, make them scream and run to their mothers?”  It had to be good.  It had to be awesome.  Then BAM it struck me and I took flight to the internet.  Courtesy of said internet was some random pictures I found.  You see, these pictures were so good that I think they need NO explanation.

So without further ado, BOO my friends!





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That Evil Elf on the Shelf

Go ahead, you can admit it.  That little Elf on the Shelf is evil looking.  You just *know* he’s up to trouble.  What?  You don’t know who he is?  Well my friend, you might just be one of the lucky ones during this holiday season.

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition came out in 2005 in a children’s book.  The little Elf that comes with the book has a job between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.  His main job is to watch over the household and report back to the North Pole nightly on if the people are naughty or nice.  He comes back to the household by morning.  There’s one important thing about the Elf.  You don’t touch him as doing so will erase any Christmas magic that has been blessed upon him.  Every morning that he comes back from the North Pole, people in the household find him in different places.  But remember, it’s all magic!


Cute story idea huh?  Sure it is.  But, have you seen this Elf?  Look to the left.  Shivers – he’s kind of a got a look in those eyes that makes you not want to turn your back to him.  And the idea of having him watching ‘over’ your household and reporting back to Santa every night, that’s kind of eerie.  It’s great on one hand when small children are in the home.  They walk the line with this little guy around.  I’m not sure if they are afraid of getting caught being naughty or if they are just plain scared of the psycho Elf.  He kind of reminds me of clowns… and that makes me want to run to my bedroom and hide under my toddler bed.

But I digress.  We have a Elf on the Shelf at the Hotel Thompson. Mom insists on dragging him out of the attic (great place for him all year) for Christmas.  There’s no kids here unless you count us anipals and daddy.  But mom insists. Every Thanksgiving, Elffie comes out and the story book is read.  And the good thing about these elves, you get to name yours.  Don’t ask me why because I believe it has to be a twist on a twist but ours is named Don Juan.  How ironic huh?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m afraid of that little six inch freak and so are the purr things.  We have had our moments of trying to ‘kidnap’ him and finish him off to no avail.  And supposedly Santa Claus has bestowed Christmas magic on him so he moves around the Hotel Thompson.  Yesterday morning, I woke up in my toddler bed and he was sleeping beside me looking at me with that mystic face.  I squealed so loudly that I think I woke up our neighbors.  That little misfit needs to stay out of my room thank you very much.  And, it’s not just me he’s doing stuff with.  Hemi, one of the purr things here, woke up the day before with that little creature asleep on his back.  Hemi hissed to the high heavens and swatted at it with his big paw.

And, our friends – snorts.  They are going through the same thing this time of the year with their ‘magical’ elves.  One of dad’s buddies got up one morning, stumbled to the bathroom and took a shower.  When he looked up, their little voyeur elf was watching him over the shower curtain.  Talk about a psycho moment.

The same household as the shower episode, the next day the man’s wife found their little elf in her lingerie drawer.  WTP (what the pig!)  No wonder people walk on eggshells around the holidays with these little monsters running rampid.

So tell me, do you have a mischievous little elf in your house during the holidays?  Is he getting into trouble or is he behaving (which I would find very strange).  I’m thinking that all of these elves are cloned in the same factory of trouble.  Perhaps us anipals need to ban together and write a letter to the Elf Union.  These guys are trouble – I’m telling you TROUBLE.


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Saturday Funny!

Remember way back when you used to get up to watch the cartoons on Saturday mornings while you’re parents slept?  Nah?  Shakes piggy head.  I don’t remember either – snorts.  I just hear mommy and daddy say that a lot around the Hotel Thompson.  There’s no cartoons on Saturday mornings anymore.  AND, the Cartoon Network doesn’t show any good cartoons anymore.  Am I right?

So, in honor of the old Saturday morning cartoons – I’m going to attempt to make you chuckle and smile with some jokes.  Are you ready for this?  Here we go:

I saw two dogs walk over to a parking meter.  One said to the other, “How do you like that?  Pay toilets.”

What is the scariest type of dinosaur? A Terror-dactyle

Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the shell station!

What do you call a blind dinosaur? A Thoughtusawus.

Two caged circus lions break free and corner a clown in his dressing room. One lion says to the other, “Forget it, those things taste funny.”

PLOL (Pig Laughing out Loud).  I hope these gave you a chuckle.  I know they did me.


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