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31 Days of Spook – Story Submission

Oh squeal – friends today is a great story submission.  Today’s story is sent in anonymously to be shared with you.  Perhaps it will make you think twice about doing a double take.  You don’t get the meaning of that?  Well then – please enjoy the story my friends.

“A strange thing happened this past Sunday.  I was in church before the service, doing those busy things I normally do.  I walked through the church during the the gathering congregation and saw an older woman, a friend, sitting beside someone I didn’t recognize.  I took note of it primarily because she wasn’t sitting in the pew where she usually sat, but thought nothing more.  I was quite focused on my duties and paid no more attention to it.

When the service finally started, I suddenly realized that the old woman I had seen had passed away earlier this year.  I looked immediately to the pew where I had seen her, and she, nor the person I had seen her sitting by that I didn’t recognize, were not there.

I’m still trying to process this.  It was real.  It was weird.  It is comforting (I think).”


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