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Travels in the South

Have you heard the recent uproar about the restaurant IHOP (International House of Pancakes) changing their name to IHOB (International House of Burgers)?  I know it’s a publicity stunt to get their burgers out there so you know my mom/dad had to give them a whirl.  Now, mom/dad had tried their burgers previous to this new promotion and they enjoyed them.

So off they went to the IHOB cause you know burgers are daddy’s specialty.  Currently during the promotion, you get a drink and endless fries with your choice of burger.  Did you hear that?  Endless fries.  Mom said she heard angels singing when she read that – my mom is so silly.  Burgers range from $7.00 to $11.00 and come in various forms.  Mom went with the Classic with Bacon and Cheese (how could you mom?).  Dad ventured out a bit more.  He got something  called a Big Brunch.  It had cheese, bacon, a fried egg and hashbrowns on it.  It was a monster!

So what did mom/dad think?  Both said they were good and they loved the french fries (crispy with a crunch and yes they got a refill of them).  These burgers for the price combining the fries and drink were a deal; however, the burgers themselves didn’t make their top 3 list of burgers they’ve tried.  They weren’t bad but they didn’t really stand out in flavor either.  Does that make sense?  They would eat them again for the mere price but wouldn’t go out of their way.

But hey, you make your decision.  Have you tried them yet?



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Shopping Around the World

My friend Fozzie and I have scheduled a group posting today of Shopping Around the World.   We thought it would be interesting to see the differences between different countries all over.

Here are our prices for the following from our area – Georgia USA:

  • Loaf of bread – $1.00 on sale or $1.99 if not on sale
  • Gallon of milk – $3.09
  • Dozen eggs – $1.79
  • Gas per gallon – $3.61
  • Movie ticket – $1.50 at the cheap theater or $9.50 at the luxury theater (my mom/dad haven’t decided if the ‘cheap tickets’ are worth it.  Last time they went, they thought they were going to have to get the jaws of life to get them out of the seats made for children – snorts)
  • At the movies, how much are the concessions? – $20.00 easy – Bucket of popcorn/2 drinks (at either place – the cheaper theatre or the luxury theater).
  • McDonald’s cheeseburger – $1.00 for a plain one or $3.49 for the Big Mac
  • Jar of peanut butter – Store brand $1.88 for small jar or name brand $4.99 or higher!
  • A can of Fancy Feast cat food – $.69 each!

Are you surprised at any of the prices above?  Do tell.


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