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Potential Car-Jacking! – UPDATED

Poor mom.  She got up this morning and left for work in Albert – her little Smart car – just like she does every morning.  No biggie.  That’s when it happened – always when you are least expecting it.  She saw it out of the corner of her eye.  It was kind of like a… as she said quote “Aww crappers” moment.

She saw him standing in the neighbors yard at first.  She’s seen him in the neighborhood and has been wary of him.  He is bad news.  He’s one of those tough edgy kind of guys who leads gangs.  Shivers – that’s all I could do when I was listening to mom talk about him.  She actually told daddy he was a “little thug”.  I don’t know what that means but it can’t be good.  Daddy got hot about that.

She was just minding her own business and that’s when he came at her from the passenger side.  She quickly locked the doors to Albert and floored it.  It’s not a bad neighborhood but this little thug was actually chasing her down the street.  God only knows what he would do if he caught mommy.  Squeal – can you believe that – in broad daylight this idiot was trying to carjack my mom?  Was he serious?!

All she could think of was going fast – gotta go fast – gotta outrun this thug.  I want you to know, she barely made it out of the neighborhood.  I mean heck, if he would have caught her what would he have done?  Flipped her off – literally?  She did snag a picture of the little punk – here it is:

I hope you can see the little thug now my friends.  Sometimes I seem to be all hooves when I’m blogging something.  Mom got away just fine.  This guy here must be the leader – he was the biggest one of the clan – snorts.  Thanks for your concerns – I hope I didn’t alarm anyone.  Much love – hogs and snout kisses – Bacon


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Mom’s Car Has Potential



A while back I told you about mom’s new car.  She got a Smart ForTwo Passion.  You know one of those miniature cars – do you see a pattern here or is just me?  Anywho, yes it is as small as it looks.  It’s like a matchbox times 20 with wheels.  But, she loves it and zips around town in as happy as a pig in mud 🙂

Well, I’ve been looking at different ways I can get her on “Pimp My Ride”.  Can you imagine them tripping this out?  It would be a hoot.  Who have laugh harder – them seeing what they have to work with or the look on mom’s face if they ‘stole’ it for the show.  It would just be priceless.  Everyone gives her heck about the little car.  She even calls it Albert.  Do you get it?  It took me a while too.  Let me help you make the connection… Albert – smart car – Einstein?  There you go – I see the lights going off now.

So I found some ways to pimp it on line.  How about any of the following?  I think they can tweak them with a Smart car…snicker!








And of course, this decal *has* to go on the back of the car.  I’m buying one now as we type –

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